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2021 R9 Sun - St Geo Illa 32-12 Canterbury @ Netstrata Jubilee

Round 9: St Geo Illa v Canterbury

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NRL 2021 - Round 9
St George Illawarra Dragons v Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs
Netstrata Jubilee Stadium, Carlton (TICKETS)
Sunday 9 May 2021

NSW Cup 1:40pm -- NRL kickoff 4:05pm


1. Matthew Dufty 2. Cody Ramsey 3. Jack Bird 4. Tyrell Fuimaono 5. Max Feagai 6. Corey Norman 7. Ben Hunt 8. Blake Lawrie 9. Andrew McCullough 10. Paul Vaughan 11. Josh Kerr 12. Tariq Sims 13. Josh Mcguire
Interchange: 14. Poasa Faamausili 15. Billy Burns 16. Daniel Alvaro 17. Kaide Ellis 18. Jackson Ford 19. Junior Amone 20. Max Feagai 21. Adam Clune


1. Dallin Watene-Zelezniak 2. Nick Cotric 3. Will Hopoate 4. Corey Allan 5. Nick Meaney 6. Jake Averillo 7. Kyle Flanagan 8. Dylan Napa 9. Sione Katoa 10. Luke Thompson 11. Adam Elliott 12. Chris Smith 13. Corey Waddell
Interchange: 14. Bradley Deitz 15. Renouf Atoni 16. Ava Seumanufagai 17. Matt Doorey 19. Lachlan Lewis 20. Joe Stimson 21. Tuipulotu Katoa 23. Ofahiki Ogden


Referees: Ben Cummins
Sideline Officials: David Munro, Nick Beashel
Video Referees: Alan Shortall

St Geo Illa v Mounties (CBY) @ Kogarah, Sun 1:40pm​
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This Year?

Imagine if you a St George great and after you see an emotional montage of the club's greatest players over 100 years, you see this current team of soft primadonnas run out and plod it up against one of the worst Bulldogs sides in history.
Their legacy has been shit on by many players ever since and it would be absolutely disgraceful if it happens again on Sunday.
For anyone that goes, please do not do anything stupid like in 2018. Abusing this current bunch only makes us look like bad people, no matter how justified. I would go but I'm legit scared I'd get arrested after letting my emotions take over. The day celebrates something much more than the current team or coaching staff would ever comprehend and I'm praying the day doesn't end in a riot.


Cripple fight for the ages with handbags at ten paces.
Both these two teams would have to be the dumbest two teams in the comp.
they both will try their hardest to find a NEW way to lose a game. There will be more dropped balls than a game of AFL.
It will be a draw until as per program the referee will find a dodgy call to make sure one team wins.
I can’t believe channel nine has pick this genius game for the live Sunday FTA GAME.


We never beat the dogs, and we'll make their plodders look invincible this weekend
Was it last year we beat them because, despite them being crap they were in the lead with not long to go and went all 1980s doggies with a backline movement and one of the spazzo"s in blue and white dropped a sitter and one of the spanners in red and white, Norman I think, picked it up, scored and stole the win?

I reckon we'll win off the back of too many dog mistakes that will gift us a comedic win again.

Hopefully Baz re-enacts the slapping incident on 3 of his players to top it off.


First Grade
It’s just a coping mechanism for supporting a team that’s terrible and has no prospect of improving.

You should be grateful that we’re role modelling it for you. It’s gonna be handy for you in the years to come.

Already there.
Just want to thank people like yourself and this year? among others for setting the bar so high
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Josh McGuire has an interesting win/loss ratio going for him this season, that's even after switching to a club that was going really well at the time of the transfer

I Bleed Maroon

Dragons by 10. The doomerism from the Drags fans is understandable but not when their opponent is the Dogs lol

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