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2021 Rabbitohs General Gossip


I gave it 5 minutes and decided it wasn't for me lol.

Sounds like it'll be pretty club official. I prefer something that can be more opinionated.
Agree 100% this is a good podcast for historical catch ups. But it reports to the club now, so will never dare be critical. They will be the band that offers to play while the Titanic sinks. I’m still looking for the podcast that questions. Not a pod cast that shits on underperforming players, but a podcast that shits on coaching staff that continues to play said underperforming shit players. I’ll subscribe but come on those other podcasts.


I was listening to morning glory with Matt johns and boy what they said about Souths was glowing.
First off be mentioned his son Jack going there and transforming him into a man, rusty texting Jack on his debut basically saying absorb the nerves you’ll do well I’m glad you’re here etc and also that Rusty has put forward an initiative for a mental health program for 13+ schoolboys and boys that are just starting in the league system which I think is amazing. Basically saying instead of mental health developing why not nup it in the bud early so guys can be better within there own head. Great stuff


Staff catering for Warriors pre game meals and others from the stadium have been sent home due to close contact. Players forced to stay on bus while clean takes place. Food thrown out. Farcical situation as local take out food being sourced. @9NewsSyd @NRLonNine


Anyone on here looked at the Stats lately??
Just some quick ones:

Points Scored/ Rabbitohs 2nd: 701 (Storm 777)

Tries Scored/ Rabbitohs - 2nd: 119 (Storm 137)

Missed Tackles/ Rabbitohs the least missed in the Comp: 524

Try Assist/ Rabbitohs - equal 1st: 97 (Storm also 97)

L/B assists: Rabbitohs 1st - 120

Post Contact Metres: Rabbitohs 3rd -12,679
(Behind 1st: Eels- 13,117 & 2nd: Penrith 13,040

Line breaks: Rabbitohs 2nd - 150 (Storm 1st: 157)

Sets completed: Rabbitohs 11th @ 77%

% of possession: Rabbitohs 4th - 50%
(Storm 1st @ 51, Penrith 2nd @ 51, Eels 3rd @ 50%)

Offloads: Rabbitohs: 3rd last with 182

Penalties conceded: 4th best @ 82
(Knights 1st @ 75
Eels 2nd @ 81
Dragons 3rd @ 82)


Anyone listened the Cam Murray Podcast by Bloke in a Bar? About to crack a Young Henry’s & give it a listen 🔥 yeww

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