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2021 Rabbitohs Rumours, Signings And News


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Rabbitohs extend contract of Keaon Koloamatangi for Season 2024: https://www.rabbitohs.com.au/news/2...ntract-of-keaon-koloamatangi-for-season-2024/

Magnificant news!!! Very, very happy to see this!! I think I speak for everyone when I say Keaon has very quickly become one of my favourites, has improved so much over the last two years and that will hopefully continue. he's already one of the best Second Rowers in the game, no doubt about that.

Also a Souths junior as we know and he bleeds Red and Green so to see him commit for so long is just fantastic.

Congrats to Keaon and well done to the club!!



Another upgrade huh?

Add this to the list of committed salary for 2022 and beyond.

I applaud the front office moves, they got spare change left over from the cap, and instead of wasting it on short term garbage, they are securing the players that matter, and look like they will be promoting the juniors to the top grade. Let's now see if they can carry us forward for the future.

Now let's get Cody signed for 3 more years

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