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2021 Top 30

They will most likely turn up to play for the new coach and their careers for a few games . But its a long season Would be nice to knock the wind out of their sails straight up . If McInnes is playing for them he will probably have a blinder . Strikes me as that kind of a big hearted ,and professional player. Would be hilariously Ironic though with Stains fans not knowing wether to cheer him or cry about losing him ..
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First Grade
I think if they're building for the future and McInnes clearly isn't part of that they might look to expedite that process, particularly if there's some juniors they can give first grade experience too.

It's also not like they're a chance this year, they're unlikely to even make the 8.
But he wants to sign McCullough or Peats, I think it's more they are all over the place.
Dufty off contract as well he could be next to go