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The Game 2022 Jerseys, Sponsorship, Logos etc


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Thanks mate. I don’t understand the reference though.
I personally find it sad that people can’t have conversations anymore without reverting to using pictures or memes which are meant to have some kind of meaning to it.
Use shitty bait, catch shitty fish.


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Good point. Even though both clubs had black in their jerseys it didn’t cause a clash at all nor did I even pay attention or notice it during the Grand Final. Really highlights how much of a non-issue it is.
Generated a fair bit of discussion on here and on Twitter tbh.

No reason Souths couldn't have worn their white shorts and jersey with white panels.


I don't think any TV viewers or people at the ground were unable to tell the teams apart, however it would have provided a visual hindrance to the players and there is no need to have both teams wearing the same colour shorts / etc.

I think anyone who has played League, OzTag or Touch knows that at times, especially in broken play, you don't have the opportunity to get anything more than a partial view of the people around you (especiallyin broken play). If both teams are in black shorts or have similar jerseys, it increases the chance of a pass going to the wrong person or opportunities not being taken.

Now I'm not suggesting that Cody Walker's pass went to a Penrith player because of this, but there is a risk that plays could have been impacted by something that was easily avoidable.

For me, I don't know if Souths need a full alternate (although they were happy enough to have one up until 2019), but they should at least base their black & white versus of their primary based upon their opposition.


They wore such a jersey only recently for the Perth 9s in 2020 as well as the Charity Shield. It's based off a jersey that was meant to be worn as a alternate in the 1980 Panasonic Cup but was never required



2020 version;


Another version of the Minties jersey exists with black as the main colour instead of white, it was used by their U20s side in 2014
No photo description available.

Both of those white designs look amazing

It's Been Done

An e-mail I got from the Dragons today says that our Indigenous jersey will not only be worn against Canterbury in round 12, but also against South Sydney in round 15.

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re Souths, does it really need 'MG Motor" under the MG logo? Does anyone not know MG make cars? They've only been using that logo for cars for 98 years!


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PENRITH warm up shirt


Repect the past, create the future. The Panthers 2022 Men's Warm Up Tee features the iconic brown and white colours, paying respect to the original chocolate soldiers.


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