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2022 Junior Reps


Chantay Kiria-Ratu has only been playing rugby league for two years and credits older brother Jayrome for her stellar rise through the ranks.

The Queensland Under 19 playmaker has also been nurtured by the outstanding sporting program at rugby league powerhouse Keebra Park State High.

Chantay, just 17, is playing in the BMD Premiership with Tweed Seagulls.

Read more: https://www.qrl.com.au/news/2022/06...t-is-a-huge-privilege-to-play-for-queensland/


The Queensland Rugby League has today outlined its commitment to a new program that is designed to become a leader in the women’s sport talent development.

In another coup for female rugby league across the state, the QRL will facilitate a Future Maroons Academy led by Harvey Norman Queensland Maroons head coach Tahnee Norris.

The program will kick off in August this year and will involve aspirational selected players between the ages of 16 and 19.

Brisbane North
Brisbane South
Gold Coast
Darling Downs / Ipswich
Sunshine Coast / Wide Bay

Read more: https://www.qrl.com.au/news/2022/07/21/qrl-launches-future-maroons-academy-to-drive-development/


A ‘Super Saturday’ will close out another enthralling Hostplus Cup season, with the Queensland Rugby League today confirming an attractive four-match grand final day schedule.

Already one of the premier events on the Queensland league calendar, this year’s match-day program will go to a new level on the Saturday afternoon of September 24.

Headlining the action at Moreton Daily Stadium is the Hostplus Cup grand final, with the highly-anticipated 3.15pm match to be broadcast live on Channel 9.

Match day schedule – Saturday, September 24
10am: Gates open
10.10am: City v Country Girls (Qplus.tv / Kayo)
11.40am: City v Country Boys (Qplus.tv / Kayo)

1.15pm: Hastings Deering Colts (Qplus.tv / Kayo)
3.15pm: Hostplus Cup (live broadcast on Channel 9)

Read more: https://www.qrl.com.au/news/2022/08/16/super-saturday-grand-final-schedule-confirmed/


Girls in the region will have the opportunity this weekend to take the next step in developing their game and receive some quality training as part of the South East regional trials for City selection.

With the three teams taking part this Sunday, this will allow them to showcase the skills they have learnt and some of them will be lucky enough to get picked for the Queensland Under 17 City squad which will go into camp and to play against Queensland Under 17 Country on the Hostplus Cup grand final day.

For all of them who have been a part of it, which is the broader group of around 70 to 80 girls, it actually provides wider skill development for next year, to apply those skills to whatever grade they wish and I think this type of program helps lift the overall quality of the football that we see in female rugby league.

Harvey Norman Queensland Maroons coach Tahnee Norris led the selection of the squads, so she kept an eye on them through the Harvey Norman Under 19 competition and the Under 18 competition we have run this year in QRL South East, and players were invited to take part in the Talent ID day.

They have now selected three teams and they have been training the last couple of weeks and will play on Sunday for that final City selection.

See: https://www.qrl.com.au/news/2022/09/01/community-corner-finals-a-time-for-positive-celebration/


Northern Pride Awards
Player of the Year

U16 Cyril Connell Challenge - Marley Helion
U18 Mal Meninga Cup - Jason Hallie
U19 Harvey Norman - Montana Kusu


Queensland Rugby League has today announced the City and Country teams for the Under 17 boys match on September 24.

The clash at Moreton Daily Stadium will showcase some of Queensland’s best young talent, with many players featuring prominently in this year’s Auswide Bank Mal Meninga Cup.

Queensland U17 City - Boys
1 Jeremy Trappett (Wynnum Manly Seagulls)
2 Tyreece Tait (Norths Devils)
3 Devonte Vaivela (Souths Logan Magpies)
4 Will Semu (Souths Logan Magpies)
5 Israel Leota (Souths Logan Magpies)
6 Karl Oloapu (Norths Devils)
7 Stanley Huen (Souths Logan Magpies)
8 Michael Waqa (Redcliffe Dolphins)
9 Cameron Bukowski (Wynnum Manly Seagulls)
10 Rene Bagon (Manly Sea Eagles)
11 Beni Allen (Wynnum Manly Seagulls)
12 Lewis Symonds (Wynnum Manly Seagulls)
13 Isaiah Scanlan (Burleigh Bears)
14 Xavier Atoa (Souths Logan Magpies)
15 Jett Jackson (Tweed Seagulls)
16 Larry Siala (Ipswich Jets)
17 Mikael Ibrahim (Brisbane Tigers)
18 Mitchell Rogers (Redcliffe Dolphins)
Coach: David Stagg

Queensland U17 Country - Boys
1 Mutua Brown (Central Queensland Capras)
2 Rayzarlin Pearson (Souths Townsville)
3 Kai Simon (Mackay Cutters)
4 Tariq Tanner (Norths Devils)
5 Tekelu Mene (Townsville Blackhawks)
6 Lykhan King-Togia (Western Clydesdales)
7 Jaxon Purdue (Mackay Cutters)
8 Jamal Shibasaki (Townsville Blackhawks)
9 Xavier Kerrisk (Mackay Cutters)
10 De La Salle Va'a (Sydney Roosters)
11 Connor Hinds (Central Queensland Capras)
12 Jayden Smith (Sunshine Coast Falcons)
13 Mason Kira (Sunshine Coast Falcons)
14 Hoani Harris (Townsville Blackhawks)
15 Tyler Peckham-Harris (Ipswich Jets)
16 Brock Thomas (Sunshine Coast Falcons)
17 Bud Smith (Western Clydesdales)
18 Tulloch McLellan (Sunshine Coast Falcons)
Head coach: Antonio Kaufusi

See: https://www.qrl.com.au/news/2022/09...ueensland-under-17-city-versus-country-clash/


Queensland Rugby League has today announced the City and Country teams for the Under 17 girls match on September 24.

The clash at Moreton Daily Stadium kicks off an entertaining four-game program that also features the Queensland Under 17 City versus Country boys match, as well as the Hastings Deering Colts and Hostplus Cup grand finals.

Queensland U17 City – Girls
1 Kiarah Siauane (Souths Logan Magpies)
2 Aspen Nakao (Pine Central Holy Spirit Hornets)
3 Estonoa Faitala (Brisbane Tigers)
4 Ebony Raftstrand-Smith (Burleigh Bears)
5 Ariana Henderson (Brothers Ipswich)
6 Sienna Lofipo (Wynnum Manly Seagulls)
7 India Seeto (Waterford)
8 Matekino Gray (Tweed Seagulls)
9 Nadia Windleborn (Burleigh Bears)
10 Rilee Jorgensen (Burleigh Bears)
11 Tiresa Elika (Ipswich)
12 Malaela Sua (Brisbane Tigers)
13 Tavarna Papalii (Burleigh Bears)
14 Diantee Savage (Redcliffe Dolphins)
15 Patricia Wani (Waterford)
16 Hayley Bush (Beenleigh)
17 Jaydah Tofae (Wynnum Manly Seagulls)
18 Relna Hosea (Goodna)
Head Coach: Deanna Turner

Queensland U17 Country – Girls
1 Mariah Brown (Western Clydesdales)
2 Elenoa Regunamada (FNQ)
3 Jennifer Kimber (Mackay)
4 Ally Ramsay (Western Clydesdales)
5 Rebecca Sepon (NQ United)
6 Makeilla Gibson (Townsville)
7 Jessica Barnes (Western Clydesdales)
8 Mackenzie Stephens (Cairns)
9 Sienna Norris (Western Clydesdales)
10 Katelyn Collie (Western Clydesdales)
11 Nancy Sullivan (Sunshine Coast)
12 Mackenzie Zeller (Western Clydesdales)
13 Lily Peacock (Mackay)
14 Caitlin Tanner (Wide Bay Bulls)
15 Tori Dakin (Central Queensland Capras)
16 Lenniece Wright (Sunshine Coast)
17 Anna-Mina Bin Awel (Townsville)
18 Marissa Nicholson (Sunshine Coast)
Head Coach: Amanda Ohl

See: https://www.qrl.com.au/news/2022/09...ueensland-under-17-city-versus-country-clash/


It will be the battle of the big forward packs and speedy backs when the Queensland Under 17 City - Girls and Queensland Under 17 Country - Girls clash on September 24.

The game, which will be live on QPlus.tv, kicks off a huge day of rugby league at Moreton Daily Stadium, as part of a schedule which also includes the Queensland Under 17 City versus Country boys clash, Hastings Deering Colts grand final and Hostplus Cup grand final.

See: https://www.qrl.com.au/news/2022/09/23/city-v-country-girls-battle-of-forwards-and-speedy-backs/