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2022 R18 Fri - North Qld 12-26 Cronulla @ Queensland Country Bank

Round 18: North Qld v Cronulla

  • North Queensland Cowboys

    Votes: 1 25.0%
  • Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks

    Votes: 3 75.0%
  • Draw after Golden Point

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
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League Unlimited News

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NRL 2022 - Round 18
North Queensland Cowboys v Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks
Queensland Country Bank Stadium, Townsville, South Townsville (TICKETS)
Friday 15 July 2022

NRL kickoff 6:00pm


1. Scott Drinkwater 2. Kyle Feldt 3. Hamiso Tabuai-Fidow 4. Peta Hiku 5. Brendan Elliot 6. Tom Dearden 7. Chad Townsend 8. Jamayne Taunoa-Brown 9. Reece Robson 10. Coen Hess 11. Tom Gilbert 12. Connelly Lemuelu 13. Jason Taumalolo 14. Jake Granville 15. Luciano Leilua 16. Ben Hampton 17. Griffin Neame 18. Tomas Chester 19. Emry Pere 20. Kane Bradley 21. Ben Condon 22. Riley Price


1. Will Kennedy 2. Sione Katoa 3. Jesse Ramien 4. Connor Tracey 5. Ronaldo Mulitalo 6. Matt Moylan 7. Nicho Hynes 8. Toby Rudolf 9. Blayke Brailey 10. Royce Hunt 11. Teig Wilton 12. Wade Graham 13. Dale Finucane 14. Aiden Tolman 15. Cameron McInnes 16. Braden Hamlin-Uele 17. Andrew Fifita 18. Braydon Trindall 19. Jesse Colquhoun 20. Kade Dykes 21. Siosifa Talakai 22. Lachlan Miller


Referee: Adam Gee
Sideline Officials: Ziggy Przeklasa-Adamski, Michael Wise
Video Referee: Gerard Sutton

- Lower Grades: QLD Cup & Colts U21 -
Burleigh v Townsville at Pizzey, Saturday - Cup 2:15pm / Colts 4pm
Pride v Wynnum at Innisfail, Saturday - Colts 3:30pm / Cup 5:30pm
Mackay v Ipswich at BB Print, Saturday - Colts 3:45pm / Cup 6pm

- Lower Grades: NSW Cup & Jersey Flegg U21 -
Parramatta v Cronulla at Kellyville, Saturday - Flegg 1:15pm
Newtown v Parramatta at Henson, Sunday - Cup 3pm​
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As a Cowboys fan I'm a bit concerned about this one. Already resting Holmes and Nanai and still have to hope Gilbert and Dearden are good to go after Wednesday night. McLean and Taulagi already out as well. Pretty much no preparation at all. Also have to wonder if the players involved in the Origin squads will even be back in time for the captain's run on Thursday. I have no idea how we're favourites after the Sharks performance last week minus their Origin players.


First Grade
Dearden out. Hampton to play 6. Gilbert to play but i would expect Luciano to come into the starting side for him or at least play greatly increased minutes to give Gilbert extended time on the bench.

Oh, and Cows by 14


Gotta back my brothers at Cronulla for this one. Holmes is really in fine form, though he was somewhat quiet for Origin. He is for sure an absolute gun. Though, I think Sharks have the better side and win it by 10.

I really like Cronulla.
I used to f**king hate The Sharks and Newcastle with a passion, but there's something about Cronulla I really like these past couple years. Can't put my finger on it.
I still hate Newy though. F**k them.

League Unlimited News

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Cowboys: Dearden out, Hampton to five-eighth, Lemuelu bench, Leilua starts back row

Sharks: Tolman out, Talakai (who was to replace him on the bench) now also out. Colquhoun debut on bench.



Post Whore
Pretty sure this Door Dash couple have murdered the family living in this house and are now pretending to be the occupants.


Blocker just described Chad as a young halfback....at 31 years old.

Gonna be a good night.