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2022 R9 Sun - Melbourne 42-6 St Geo Illa @ AAMI

Round 9: Melbourne v St Geo Illa

  • Melbourne Storm

    Votes: 10 62.5%
  • St George Illawarra Dragons

    Votes: 6 37.5%
  • Draw after Golden Point

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .

League Unlimited News

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NRL 2022 - Round 9
Melbourne Storm v St George Illawarra Dragons
AAMI Park, Melbourne, Melbourne (TICKETS)
Sunday 8 May 2022

NRL kickoff 2:00pm


1. Ryan Papenhuyzen 2. Nick Meaney 3. Reimis Smith 4. Justin Olam 5. Xavier Coates 6. Cameron Munster 7. Jahrome Hughes 8. Jesse Bromwich 9. Harry Grant 10. Nelson Asofa-Solomona 11. Felise Kaufusi 12. Kenny Bromwich 13. Josh King
Interchange: 14. Brandon Smith 15. Tyran Wishart 16. Trent Loiero 17. Jordan Grant 18. Chris Lewis 19. Bronson Garlick 20. Jayden Nikorima 21. Cooper Johns 22. Tom Eisenhuth 23. Dean Ieremia 24. Alec MacDonald


1. Moses Mbye 2. Mathew Feagai 3. Moses Suli 4. Zac Lomax 5. Mikaele Ravalawa 6. Jack Bird 7. Ben Hunt 8. Francis Molo 9. Andrew McCullough 10. George Burgess 11. Tariq Sims 12. Josh Mcguire 13. Jack de Belin
Interchange: 14. Talatau Amone 15. Blake Lawrie 16. Aaron Woods 17. Tyrell Fuimaono 18. Jayden Sullivan 19. Cody Ramsey 20. Jack Gosiewski 21. Tyrell Sloan 22. Josh Kerr 23. Jackson Ford 24. Tautau Moga


Referee: Peter Gough
Sideline Officials: Drew Oultram, Phil Henderson
Video Referee: Matt Noyen

- Lower Grades: QLD Cup & Colts U21 -
BYE: Brisbane Tigers, SC Falcons

- Lower Grades: NSW Cup & Jersey Flegg U21 -
St Geo Illa v Canterbury at Centenary Field (Wollongong), Saturday - Flegg 12pm / Cup 1:45pm
BYE: Victoria​
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I think the Dragons will do much better than the other two. Their form is a little misleading but they do look like they've improved their defence. There's a small chance Storm will falter a little when they play a team that actually tries.

I'll go... Storm 30 - 12.


Thread lacking obligatory Penrith reference, so here goes.

Dragons to sneak a win, with Storm having one eye on the following week's match against... those lovable lads from the foot of the mountain.


Sold out at every store in the Gong
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There would be plenty of those left. It's the 45 gallon drums of KY that can't be found.

But I'm thinking the Storm just might have their minds on the next week's game, just like Parra had V Cows, so I give the Dragons an outside chance.
But if the Storm are on, and get on their game heads, they then might have another 50+ game.


I’m sorry Dragons fans, but there is zero chance of beating the Storm this week. Zero, it ain’t gonna happen.

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