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2022 Rabbitohs Rumours, Signings and News


South Sydney are on the verge of handing centre Taane Milne a fresh contract for the next two seasons.

Milne has made 14 appearances for the Rabbitohs this season and scored six tries, doing enough to earn himself a deal believed to be worth upwards of $350,000 over the two years.

While Milne’s future has been secured, young back Jaxson Paulo is still without a deal for next year. Paulo has made 11 appearances for Souths and scored five tries but is yet to convince the Rabbitohs to come to the party.

It is understood they haven’t closed the door altogether, but risk losing Paulo to a rival while he remains off contract.


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Cam’s living for now

Cameron Murray’s first-minute Origin knockout sent shockwaves through Redfern. However, the man himself is going to play his style with no consideration for his future health. While the vast majority of people loved the brutal opening to the Origin series decider, it was a nightmare for the game’s bosses, who are panicked about concussions. Murray’s attitude is that of a gladiator, and concerns about his body and ongoing health were lost in the drama of the next 79 minutes.
The number of concussions and injuries he has suffered recently is something I spoke to him at length about in the lead-up to the decider. I asked him if he worried about the 40-year-old Murray. His answer will please Souths, but worry the game’s bosses.
“I’ll worry about that person then,” he said. “I thought about it a little bit, and there’s been a lot of talk about, you know, conserving me ... trying to extend my career.

“I just think when I go out with the mindset of what my life’s gonna be like in 10 or 15 years’ time, then I’m not giving you 100 per cent now. And I just can’t play like that. So I just gotta be in the here and now. I don’t think I’m doing myself an injustice bashing myself up, and people can have outside opinions about what I’m going to look like or whatever in 20 years time, and if they think that I’m going too hard or whatever but, at the end of the day, I think I’d be doing an injustice and I wouldn’t be giving my all for myself and my teammates if I wasn’t just going out there and doing my best.”


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Bunnies '$6m reason for Reynolds' exit revealed - Whispers: https://www.foxsports.com.au/nrl/nr...s/news-story/1e1fb7662980c6122404d8da86b4091e

This is bloody fantastic news!! Not a done deal yet but it sounds promising. Hopefully we can get it done for all three. I think three years for Trell and two for Cody and Cookie (with the possibility to extend further if they're performing down the track) is very fair, smart management.

This now makes it 100% clear why we let Reynolds go and now that the club has come out and said that it is the reason we can keep all three, I think the decision over Reynolds is justified. Should shut the media and all the other haters about about it.

Good stuff Souths!!


Bunnies 'balancing act' revealed as 'intertwined' stars, three-headed dilemma opens the door for Wayne: https://www.foxsports.com.au/nrl/nr...s/news-story/666c8043026d15d1bfd67c03ac7bceaa

Got to admit, it is going to be tough for the club to keep all three but it can be done I'm sure. Sign Trell long-term, Cody and Cookie shouldn't be offered more than two years. I'd love it if we could keep all three!
I cant see the problem, cookie is on a reported 850 at this stage of his age that should reduce to between 5 to 600k, cody reportedly on 700k may slightly reduce,this is were clubs save some money between the 2 we should be able to save the extra 200 needed for latrell who is already on 800k, so the main reason AR was let go along with gags and sua was to save the money to keep these 3 plus an upgrade for the youngsters. Even thomas whos on 700 will have to accept a pay cut,what club offers more to over 30s
I think its all a blow up by media,and bennet will always be used as a lever, why would he want an ageing cook when he has signed marshall who is playing very well.


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From Zero Tackle,

NRL repoens bubble talk as COVID impact grows

With COVID cases on the rise and the effects being felt to varying degrees by NRL clubs in the final weeks of the regular season, The Daily Telegraph reports the NRL is giving serious consideration to putting bubbles back into place during the finals series.

The NRL has been resistant to the idea after subjecting players to two years of varying conditions that have often taken them away from home and society for the sake of preserving the game.

But they may have no other choice if they want to ensure all players are protected heading into the business end of the competition.

So far this week Wests Tigers interim coach Brett Kimmorley and future coach Tim Sheens have both been ruled out from attending Sunday’s game against the North Queensland Cowboys, while Jake Trbojevic and Andrew Davey will be unable to take the field for Manly against St George Illawarra this week.

Canterbury Bulldogs fullback Jake Averillo has also been ruled out of their game against the Gold Coast after testing positive.

The slowly increasing number of affected players adds to a list that had an impact on the 2022 Origin series, with Jack Wighton, Cameron Munster, Nicho Hynes and Murray Taulagi all ruled out at various points of the series, prompting calls from Maroons great Darren Lockyer for the bubble to be reinstated.

Reports indicate some clubs have already spoken with senior players to see if they would be receptive to the idea of tighter restrictions with a premiership on the line, and clubs have already advised players not to travel in large groups to mitigate the chances of the virus spreading.

Players have also been told to wear masks while indoors and have also been advised to avoid large crowds.

It’s also been reported that football managers from each club were recently briefed on the possible impacts of the next ‘wave’ of coronavirus by NRL biosecurity expert David Heslop.

Case numbers in Australia have grown exponentially this winter. At the start of June, New South Wales was reporting 5,000 new cases per day. That number has since tripled, with over 15,000 cases reported as recently as July 19. Queensland has seen a comparable rise in its positive case numbers.

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