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2022 Squad: Gains, Losses & Re-signings.

Dragon David

The NRL has bastardized the game so much in recent years pandering to the tv stations, other interest groups, propping up favoured teams with decisions, etc, that the game is no longer the same. While thuggery has been correctly removed, those with Foxtel that see old games during the off season can see how much cleaner the play the balls were, etc (IMO), I don't recall supporters saying the game was too fast so let's grapple or the play the ball is being slowed down so lets just hand out 6 agains for the fun if it. As you said DD, we will be playing it online soon.
The game just over a decade ago didn't need the 6 agains, new rules etc. It was played fairly and better refereed. As per this


Lomax has unfollowed the Dragons on Instagram and removed the mention of the club from his bio. The club also unfollowed Lomax on insta apparently.

He also posted a message in support of Paul Vaughan earlier today. Gone at the end of the season?
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Red V for life

We don’t have a good track record when these rumours break. Won’t be surprised if it ends up happening.

I’ll be pi$$ed beyond all belief, but not surprised.


First Grade
Agree with you BLM01, however I can see the rort where a team says the only players available in their 30 are not ready for first grade and get a dispensation or doctor/ player says they are still injured. If you are a young bloke and Bellamy, Robbo or any other coach tells you to say you are still injured as we need to get so and so to our club to win the comp and that junior wouldn't be playing anyway, I think we can all join the dots of what will happen. Am I simply getting older and just suspicious?

A potential work around is all clubs must have a feeder team in the second tier in NSW or QLD or NZ (if they don't already) and can only use those players if you run out of your top 30, not go cherry picking from other teams.
You are right I have changed my mind. the loan system should only be in place if lower grades are not played due to Covid.
If you are running out of Top 30 troops in normal times..tough bickies, go to your next grade lower for refreshments and the NRL should allow that.
I hate seeing a player signed to a club and jersey playing in another only to go back and having to show passion to the supporters etc for both jerseys

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