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2022 wooden spooners

I Bleed Maroon

The Tigers seem primed for it, sadly for them. Depending on the draw, they will start the season comfortably at the bottom, Madge will get the flick and that will solidify them as spooners in waiting.

Take one look at their roster and it becomes a game of "spot the star".


Could be the Cowboys, hopefully not, coz i like todd payten, but they aren't recruiting well and have some has beens in spine positions...
Possibly eels if they get bullied, they seem to go well but then tank mid season, one key injury away from tanking, Moses, Gutho or Paulo and theyll be bottom 4, already suffered with Mahoney out for a while, although they made finals by default due to the wins they racked up early on in t he season, along with the poor rabble of bottom half of the comp, but they did well in '21 not sure they have it to make finals again if they are missing some of their better players


Cowboys could be in for a tough year - their only hope is that their coach stops pissing around with big JT and just leaves him to his natural game. Their squad is mince though, their props, their 2nd rowers, Chad, their back line (other than Hammer)…. All garbage… Their only hope is for the Tigers to continue being the Tigers