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2023 R4 Fri - Dolphins 12-18 Brisbane @ Suncorp

Round 4: Dolphins v Brisbane

  • Dolphins

    Votes: 9 36.0%
  • Brisbane Broncos

    Votes: 15 60.0%
  • Draw after Golden Point

    Votes: 1 4.0%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


Sounds like something you'd use in a video game. I know what they are going for, they want it to be the Battle of Brisbane medal, another pathetic attempt to force it down our throats. Just let the teams play, if it turns out they genuinely hate each other then that's great but whatever happens, let it happen.

It feels like one of those cultural arranged marriages right now, nothing natural about it.
It’s like burning the bails before a ball has ever been bowled in the Ashes. Nobody gives a shit about meaningless trinkets.


First Grade
If the dolphins control Reynolds they will win. The only reason we’re not still talking about how bad walters is as a coach is that Reynolds is there making him look good.

Wayne knows it hence the look frozen on his wrinkly old face Being more smug than ever.

Shutting down any teams halfback will get you a lot closer to winning egghead


First Grade
Yeah, the media beat up of this game has been annoying and so obviously contrived. I personally despise the Broncos with every fibre of my being, but there is a fair portion of the Dolphins fanbase I've interacted with who are either former Broncos fans or who have the Queensland vs the rest attitude I've described. Even among the Redcliffe diehards who've been fans for decades, I haven't observed much hostility toward the Broncos. It's all about love for their own team and excitement at being in the NRL. Most people aren't bitter and twisted and motivated by hate like myself. I'm sure there is potential for a genuine rivalry to develop, but it will take time. I wish the subhumans in the media would let it happen rather than trying to make it happen.

Dragons? Never heard of the f**kers.

Was bound to happen. As was the Redcliffe chant. As was people like Gus Gould calling us Redcliffe. Everyone knows who we really are. But the NRL set the terms under which we would be granted the NRL license, and the QRL rules dictate we can't have a direct reserve grade team under the same identity in the Queensland Cup, so it is what it is. I don't like it, but I accept it. Having an NRL team was priority #1, and understandably so.

We all know your feelings on the issue, so there is no real need for you to bring it up at every opportunity. Why not go back to focusing on your mob being team 18? Be positive rather than endlessly sniping at us or every Sydney team out of envy.
Your post are always good but don't tell a bloke to be positive after stating you despise a rival club with every fibre of your being.


Post Whore
Bit of a who cares cup really.

The media trying to manufacture another rivalry. Just f**ken let it happen. Let Diet Ben Hannant and Malteser Kaufusi kill each other and go from there.

In future obvs. Malteser got himself suspended again. Maybe Flegler can coat hanger Kenny Bromwich for being called Kenneath


All Queensland commentary team on nine will keep a lot of fans away.

f**k me, it's just a rogue's gallery of drongos at nine.


Anyone know who the fox commentary team will be for this game? I see Dan and Blocker are on the Storm Tigers game.

League Unlimited News

Staff member
The Dolphins lost Felise Kaufusi at the judiciary during the week after his foul play in last week's win over Newcastle. He's replaced in the back row with Kenny Bromwich, who shifts from prop. Faamausili comes in at prop. Isaiya Katoa is out with an ellow injury - Milford makes his club debut in the halves. Teague starts hooker and Nikorima is benched.

Brisbane meanwhile.... Kevin Walters' side is 1-17.


1. Hamiso Tabuai-Fidow 2. Jamayne Isaako 3. Euan Aitken 4. Brenko Lee 5. Tesi Niu 21. Anthony Milford 7. Sean O'Sullivan 8. Jesse Bromwich 17. Mason Teague 18. Poasa Faamausili 10. Kenny Bromwich 12. Connelly Lemuelu 13. Tom Gilbert
9. Kodi Nikorima 14. Jarrod Wallace 15. Mark Nicholls 16. Ray Stone
22. Robert Jennings

Brisbane Broncos​

1. Reece Walsh 2. Jesse Arthars 3. Kotoni Staggs 4. Herbie Farnworth 5. Selwyn Cobbo 6. Ezra Mam 7. Adam Reynolds 8. Thomas Flegler 9. Billy Walters 10. Payne Haas 11. Kurt Capewell 12. Jordan Riki 13. Patrick Carrigan
14. Cory Paix 15. Keenan Palasia 16. Corey Jensen 17. Martin Taupau
18. Deine Mariner



Staff member
Best part about this game will be not having to listen to the "Greatest rivalry in sporting history" for a while.

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