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2023 Rabbitohs Pre-Season


Tremendous (long) interview with Jason Demetriou on the James Graham podcast, "The Bye Round".

Worth checking out especially if you're a Souths fan. He's an impressive guy to listen to.



The 2023 NRL top 30 contracted squad is:​

Jai Arrow
Thomas Burgess
Jed Cartwright
Michael Chee Kam
Damien Cook
Campbell Graham
Siliva Havili
Dean Hawkins
Jacob Host
Lachlan Ilias
Alex Johnston
Terrell Kalo Kalo
Josiah Karapani
Liam Knight
Keaon Koloamatangi
Ben Lovett
Peter Mamouzelos
Taane Milne
Latrell Mitchell
Shaquai Mitchell
Davvy Moale
Cameron Murray
Hame Sele
Daniel Suluka Fifita
Blake Taaffe
Isaiah Tass
Junior Tatola
Leon Te Hau
Izaac Thompson
Cody Walker

The 2023 NRL Development players are:​

Tallis Duncan
Jye Gray
Tyrone Munro

The 2023 train and trial players include:​

Cody Hodge
Richie Kennar

NRL Coaching Staff:​

NRL Head Coach: Jason Demetriou
NRL Assistant Coach: Ben Hornby
NRL Assistant Coach: John Morris
NRL Assistant Coach: Sam Burgess
NRL Development Coach: John Sutton
NRL Development Coach: Joe O’Callaghan
High Performance Manager: Andrew Croll


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'Completely out of my comfort zone' - How boxing World Champ fared at Rabbitohs training: https://www.foxsports.com.au/nrl/nr...l/news-story/a6fd457d9e41d54ed12fbaee651bea16

This is pretty cool and certainly something you don't see often, if ever. I'm sure it would have been a great experience for both parties.

Sounds like the intensity level at training right now is pretty high and that's what we want.

Looks like Trell popped in too!

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