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2023 State of Origin ~ Game 1 *31st May*


First Grade

the phantom menace

First Grade
Does this have the potential to be as damaging as the Manly Pride jersey? Were the NSW players consulted about the change to a different shade of blue...?

They should make us play in our alternate NSW white strip, for being dunces.

T.S Quint


Common sense from the NRL the Navy Blue is garbage and looks like Victorian bushrangers in the old ING Cup days.

What a dope Brandy is looking like in the quotes here though.

Brandy is off his f**ken rocker thinking that the fans loved the jersey.
There would have been a small minority, sure, but every single person I know who follows footy (and some that don't) hated that jersey.

Keep it simple. QLD does, why can't NSW?


First Grade
Who comes in then? I'd give the Penis a run
Doesn't play for Penrith.

Chricton is straight back in and Burton who is part of the Penrith mafia parachuted into 18th man.

No Penrith or former penrith player who was apart of that decider last year has missed out now.

That's Brandy & Freddy for you.