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2024 Crowd Watch


GA areas were held back for rockups and are on sale - the crowd will build late. We operate on Queensland time for everything other than Origins and finals games haha


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I just hope they don’t abandon places like Newcastle as origin grows. Show some love to the true league heartlands that helped the women’s game grow in the first place. Don’t get me wrong it will be great seeing the games in big venues with big crowds and making money for the women but it would suck to see them taken away from the smaller places.
Agree, I hope the likes of Newcastle and Townsville still get a regular share of Women's Origin games, they have both helped significantly bring a lot more support and prestige to the Women's game.

For me, I'd pretty much be looking at the following for venues across the next 5+ years for the concept:

New South Wales:
- McDonald Jones Stadium
- Allianz Stadium
- CommBank Stadium

- Suncorp Stadium
- QCB Stadium
- CBus Super Stadium

If WIN Stadium can actually hold 22K or if the Central Coast council want to offer the temporary seating they brought out for the A-League GF, then I'd include them in mix as well, although more as a third game venue than anything else.

Each year should have a minimum of 1 game played outside of Sydney & Brisbane.

Warriors Fever

It was due to the A League final as Sydney FC were in contention but they lost last week. The game was supposed to be played at Allianz.

The NRL should have scheduled this game on Friday or Sunday arvo and it would have got a better crowd there.
Ah I see, but they came 4th and could never have hosted, pretty wild they can reserve all these stadiums.
Decent crowd nevertheless considering form
Sydney FC could have hosted against sixth placed Melbourne City in the grand final if they had both made it to that stage.

As a stadium tenant, Sydney FC takes priority over a non-stadium tenant (Rabbitohs), even in "potential" scenarios.

Considering there seems to be a willingness to allow the Rabbitohs to play one game per season at Allianz, they should now be permitted to relocate another game to Moore Park. The obvious choice would be the Roosters in R27, but it feels like there's a bit of a see you in 2025 attitude at Souths...so that feels unlikely.


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Looking ahead to next week, Newcastle v Bulldogs is selling strongly, and would be over 20K if played tomorrow, Penrith v Dragons is already down to single seats in the grandstand, should go close to sell out by Saturday, whilst there are only Wheelchair accessible seats left at Kayo Stadium for Phins v Raiders.

Should have a better idea about the Roosters match following tomorrow's Monday Madness, whilst Eels v Cronulla will be dependent on how many Parramatta members decide to turn up.