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2024 NRL Pre-Season Challenge - Week 2 & WCC

I know the Dogs are making a lot of errors but when you’ve brought in 8 or so new players it’s going to take some time for combinations to develop. The effort is there from the Dogs, they just need a bit more time to get the discipline and structures right.


First Grade
Welp I tell you one thing, Souffs will want to avoid many injury crises this year
There was literally one bloke from our Top 36 out there tonight (Te Hau) and only 2 blokes from our reserve grade GF side last year (Gray and French)... most of those blokes tonight will be playing A grade

I Bleed Maroon

The dogs fate is in their own hands now. No more excuses from Ciraldo or the players. They have the team to compete now.

Perth Tiger

Geez I don’t get the optimism for the dogs. Maybe it is wishful thinking that someone will be shitter than the Tigers but if the dogs get a bad start it will be a long year. Taffe and Hutchinson are career back ups for a reason