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2024 NSWRL Junior Reps


Northern Tigers Squads
Andrew Johns Cup

Angus Sullivan, Axel Crossley, Bailey Chick, Blaze Harrison, Braith White, Casey Milton, Charlie Smith, Chas Jaeger, Cooper Blair, Darcey Heagney, Darcy Rolph, Dylan Ginman, Fletcher Panton, Hamish Adamthwaite, Harrison Foot, Jack Bullen, Jack Shankley, Jake Rudder, Kai Baker, Lachlan Quigley, Luke Jeffrey, Mekhi Ross, Mitchell Rousell, Oliver Milsom, Phelix Lavea, Seth Perry, Tipene Paniora, Tyler Mullard, Will Canham, Will Foley, Xavier McGrady, Zeke Wise

Laurie Daley Cup
Ashton Blake, Braydon Allan, Brodi Campbell, Cooper Meldrum, Darcy Wallace, Darcy Weatherall, Dustin Wyrzykowski, Dylan Keane, Harrison Thrift, Harry Goodwin, Heath Baas, Jack Foley, Jack McLeod, Jackson Smith, Jai Tanna, Jake Botfield, Jayden Seckold, Jordan Hamlin, Kane Gilmore, Keandre Johnson-Vale, Max Stone, Nate Rothall, Noah Hooley, Oscar Atkin, Reece Josephson, Riley Fitzsimmons, Sam Carr, Toby Jamieson, Zane Groves

Source: Group 4 Rugby League

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