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2024 QRL Junior Reps


Mackay Cutters U19 Mal Meninga Cup Train On Squad for 2024:

Andrew Malayta, Bailey Anderson, Bailey Venz, Bailin Burnett, Braedyn Roberts, Cameron Stevens, Cooper Hannay, Darcy Clark, Darcy Daly, Ethan Van Kerkwyk, Flynn Matheson-Hone, Frank Cowley, Harry Considine, Harry Deguara, Harry Thorpe, Hayden Cumming, Henry Thorpe, Hunter Harris, Jack Thorburn, Jaffahl Skillington, Javen Ramsamy, Jaxon Purdue, Jett Hisco, Kai Simon, Kayne Smith, Levi Love, Liam Doherty, Logan Atkinson, Markus Kime, Mason Patterson, Matthew Watts, Michael Hinchey, Nehemia Wuatai-Davis, Nelson Fenlon, Reece Morris, Rory Woodall, Tenzin Contor, Tyler Shandiman, Will Shears, Will Veitch, William Whippy, Xavier Kerrisk, Xavier Ranginiwa-Thomas, Zach Keating, Zane Elletson, Zane McKellar

Coaching Staff:
Andrew Battaia (Head Coach), Eddy Cates (Assistant Coach), Brett Watton (Assistant Coach), Cameron Tomkinson (Assistant Coach), Mark Farmer (Manager), Morgan Rodgers (FAO)

Source: Mackay Cutters Facebook