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2024 Rabbitohs Round 11 - Vs Cowboys


No more short drop outs please, they kill us everytime and it’s known that Latrell can’t do them
We started a surge of scoring...then Latrell does the ridiculous short kick off...which is not the first
And We do a pathetic tackle on Deardon
2 bad teams and we are the worst tonight.
Looking forward to next year
If we had a full injured team we would be be a chance


It’s the one issue with having cook and Mamo out there together we basically playing with 1 less forward

1 less to take hit ups and gain metres and 1 less player with size to try and stop the cows running game.

I’m guessing Moale isn’t well being subbed off so quickly and not being seen again yet
problem is we only have one prop forward in Burgess.
And Keppie.
They should just bite the bullet and play Cook at 7.
He is pretty much playing that way anyway, and Dion is just a passenger


Cookie needs to use his speed more often great try.

Sack latrell as kicker ...my god how easy a kick to miss


Fatigue and fitness is a big issue so why play Moale only 13min?

if he was unwell why play him at all? He can not develop and improve with such minimal game time. And why punish the rest of the squad playing down a player for 65min of the game?


Staff member
That one hurt tonight. Really hurt. I'm feeling it.

Playing a pretty shit side who were playing pretty shit, and we never looked like winning to be honest. That is massively disappointing. The Cows completed at under 70% and we had a 10-2 penalty count in our favor, yet, we still couldn't put them away. My God, it just does to show you how awful we were and how far we've slid. It's so depressing.

Honestly, even though we were in that game for most of it, I was pretty flat watching the whole thing because you just knew that despite the score, we weren't in the game. Our attack was awful, general defence poor and There was a real lack of any sort of urgency or intensity.

I can't believe it, what a depressing night....


Forget about these games currently.
The season will be a BIG WIN if we land Burt.
Really that's the only thing that counts for now.
If he returns, everything will change again and this time the arrow will be pointing North.
It matters little what the content of the roster currently is.
Bennett will quickly fix everything.
Rercall in 2019, he had Burns-Inglis in 3-4. Then both disappeared, off into the Nursing Home. Bennett won games with two back rowers regularly having to play 3-4, namely Turner and Lowe. Two crock backrowers in the backline and he still won with them!
He put 54 on Manly with... Stephen [I'm too fat] Masters starting as centre!!!
Further he is winning with Nikorima as his starting 5/8.
You plonkers all called Nikorima a dud.
Dribble on about Easts or this player v. that player etc all you want
All I worry about is that 74 year old Legend Coach and if he is returning. He makes everything else rather irrelevant.


Tallis was good.
cody tried
Cookie tried
Arrow always tries.
Havili tries
The rest were Pathetic as normal.
Tom needs to go to England now. He offers nothing.
another 43 missed tackles. 5 line breaks straight through the middle again.
I admire Callmacks optimism about how he thinks they might play.
im well past that. Haven’t tipped them since round 1.
I’ve made a stack of money backing against them every week on sports bet.
spoon specials.
can’t turn this around on the run. Teams are licking their lips when playing south’s to get the for and against up.