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2024 Rabbitohs Rumors, Signings and News


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As a Kiwi, I'm very sad to see Madge go as he was so good for us. However, I do think the was the right call for the exact reasons Tony Kemp has stated.


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So Brandon burns is playing in our NSW cup squad.

CJ Mundine also in that squad.

Gagai and Tuepa and Kennar are now devel for a grade.

Sadly Jackson Rahme no longer named
Nor is Isaiah Vailalo

Brock Gray on a train and trial for nrl

Here is a full list of every squad down to Harold Matt’s
📸 Look at this post on Facebook https://www.rabbitohs.com.au/news/r...ELjFGvHHhWoNUdoNUZRCbEA8duVA7lCqX1oOLe60dc1oA
Rahme wasn't offered a contract and I think he has been signed by the Knights.
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Massive shock on Braidon Burns back with us for NSW Cup!



Breakdown of our top squad of 29 + 6 development players, by their primary positions:

Fullbacks (1):
Latrell Mitchell

Wingers (7):
Alex Johnston
Taane Milne
Tyrone Munro
Leon Te Hau
Izaac Tu'itupou Thompson
Richie Kennar (development)
Haizyn Mellars (development)

Centres (4):
Campbell Graham
Isaiah Tass
Jack Wighton
Jacob Gagai (development)

Five-eighths (3):
Jye Gray
Cody Walker
Dion Teaupa (development)

Halfbacks (2):
Dean Hawkins
Lachlan Ilias

Hookers (2):
Damien Cook
Peter Mamouzelos

Props (8):
Jai Arrow
Thomas Burgess
Sean Keppie
Shaqui Mitchell
Davvy Moale
Daniel Suluka-Fifita
Junior Tatola
Liam Le Blanc (development)

Edge forwards (5):
Michael Chee Kam
Jacob Host
Keaon Koloamatangi
Ben Lovett
Thomas Fletcher (development)

Locks (2):
Tallis Duncan
Cameron Murray

Utilities (1):
Siliva Havili


Massive shock on Braidon Burns back with us for NSW Cup!

Really good content.

p.s. Liam Le Blanc is a lock.


Really good content.

p.s. Liam Le Blanc is a lock.
Well I can’t see Le Blanc getting a look in at lock at all as we have Murray and Duncan.

The area that concerns me most is still second row our options there and also having an unproven halfback.

I don’t think we have a top 2 squad. We defs have a top 8 squad though so we have to make the top 8 at minimum. Can we make the bottom of top 4 well we can but we will need luck a good run with injuries and to play much more consistent footy especially being consistent in defence and leaking points either side of half time and improving completion rates etc…


Selection gamble: Jack Wighton to five-eighth

Analysis: Jack Wighton was brought to the club on a four-year deal to play in the centres before switching to five-eighth when Cody Walker hangs up the boots, but if Souths want a shot at a title in 2024 they need both in the halves right now. Lachlan Ilias is a talented player with a bright future, but he is not ready right now to lead a team to a premiership. Ilias still needs a lot of work on his kicking game and has to create more try-scoring opportunities with his passing and running games. Kicking is not Walker or Wighton’s strongest asset either, but the pair are representative players and seasoned playmakers who can control one side of the field each and share the kicking load. That will enable Isaiah Tass to stay in the centres as he has done nothing wrong to deserve getting dropped. Ilias can work on the deficiencies in his game and build confidence in reserve grade, while Wighton and Walker go after a title before the latter calls time on his career. Ilias and Wighton could form a great halves pairing down the line, but in 2024 a Wighton-Walker combination has a better chance at going all the way.



So,looks like we have signed Gray I think Ryan Gray is his name he’s around 23 and a former Australian schoolboys hooker. A smart signing I think. Who knows if he has a good season or 2 in NSW Cup he might get a top 30 contract. Adds more depth at hooker behind Cookie and Pete. I’m glad Romano Cook is gone anyway he was useless on the 3-4 times I saw him I wasn’t impressed.

Just saw a few highlights of Ryan he has a strong running game

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