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zombie jesus

Staff member
2024 first round draft order

1. The Year of the DIamond Dogs
2. Geoduck Waterdongs
3. Haynesville Dreamweavers
5. Ny Fly Zone
6. Thunder Gun Express (traded to Geoduck Waterdongs)
7. Sultans of Schwing
8. Orange Crush
9. Neckties by Night Train
10. The Turkey Holes
11. Spider 2Y Banana
12. Gruden's QB Camp (traded to Neckties by Night Train)

zombie jesus

Staff member
2024 league site is here

League fee is $10, if you need payment details, let me know.

Rosters and draft picks have been transferred over; salary cap adjustments entered. Let me know if there is a mistake.

You can start dumping players you don’t want for this season, keep the players you designate a tag, anyone else can be dropped.

Spreadsheet for your off-season designations is here

RFA player is already populated, make sure that player is still on your roster as I didn’t check.

One franchise/transition tag – any player with 0 years on their contract, salaries are on the spreadsheet.
Rookie option – players with 0.5 in their contract years, write in their name if you want to keep them for another year.
Renegotiation – any player can be put up, as long as they have at least 1 year on their deal and weren’t renegotiated last season, salary starts at 50% of current value.

Draft order
1.01 The Year of the Diamond Dogs
1.02 Geoduck Waterdongs
1.03 Haynesville Dreamweavers
1.04 HTTR
1.05 No Fly Zone
1.06 Geoduck Waterdongs [Pick traded from Thunder Gun Express.]
1.07 Sultans of Schwing
1.08 Orange Crush
1.09 Neckties by Night Train
1.10 The Turkey Holes
1.11 Spider 2Y Banana
1.12 Neckties by Night Train [Pick traded from Gruden’s QB Camp.]

kurt faulk


I know I won't be making such an appalling pick this year.

Didn't touch Johnston in any other team I had then news from camp was that he was catching everything. So I took a chance in this and the idp league. The lying barstards. He couldn't catch a ball to save his life. Hopefully harbaugh and his cronies can coach him up.

Harrison Jr will be a fine addition to my team.

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