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So, long way off i know..

Whole season ahead and thats the focus no doubt.

But its a big talking point next year.

No home ground. New players.

My best 1-17 at this point of time based on no new signings and just what we have here atm and for next year.

1. Edwards
2. Too
3. Alamonti
4. Tago
5. Tiny
6. Laurie
7. Cleary
8. Leota
9. Kenny
10. Henry
11. Soro
12. Martin
13. Yeo

14. Cole
15. Smith
16. Geyer
17. Luron, lisati,

Not sure theres a lot out there atm on the market for 25...

Stefano obviously if tigers dont meet the clauses in his contract. Hes going to be an elite prop. Of that i have no doubt.

Other than him there not much i like the looks of. Dont follow the super league but id be hesitant.

Jayden sua has been mentioned by some but i dont rate him.. hes just solid..

With marto, soro, smith and henry all capable of really big mins... i don't think we should be targeting high min players.

Weve lost a lot of special impact guys over the last few years. Players that could come up with big plays in attack.


Id love fifita.. i know hes got a few years to run so not going to happen but think hed been best 2md rower in the game in our system.

Know it wont happen but i just think if we could get him wed continue to be a huge threat moving forward.

Whole dynamic of the pack changes.

8. Leota
9. Kenny
10. Henry
11. Fifita
12. Marto
13. Yeo

14. Cole
15. Smith
16. Soro (prop)
17. Geyer

Im sure everyone will have different opinions about what we should do.

Anyway like i said, clearly focus is on this year but not often we get to be excited about a signing or two.

Last 4/5 years has all been about retention really with bringing in squad fillers.


We’re not going to acquire David Fafita or Stefano it won’t happen.

Im sure the club have a list of potential acquisitions but they will almost certainly not be marquee signings I think we can be assured they will be players with upside and potential.

2025 shaping as a year of transition, not least being not having a home ground. 2026 could see the emergence of Patea, Lemoto brothers and John Sagaga to name a few.


The only players in super league that can make your team would be Jack welsby ( back ) and 2 really young up and coming forwards Sam Walters and tyree dupree

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