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2SM and Talkin' Sport.

Just heard on the dead set legends that Graham Hughes has been operated on to remove a tumour from his brain the operation was a successful one, I hope all goes well Graham keep your chin up. I wonder why he hasn’t been doing his program lately

Jesus Robbo first and then Heaps.

Is the 2SM studio sitting on top of a Uranium deposit?


That is hilarious.

I first accidentally met Adrian in a club about 12 years ago. I then lived in a very small town on the very outskirts of Sydney (as far out as you can be and still be Sydney) and I was in a VERY small sports club having a beer and watching the footy. In this small town EVERYONE knows everyone and there was a stranger in the club, wearing desert boots with no socks and no one knew who the hell he was. Serious unhinged vibe.

Nek minnut, this guys starts yelling to everyone and no one at the same time "What about these bulldogs forwards!!!!???!!!"". I recognised that voice IMMEDIATELY.

He actually went on to work for a friend of mine....temporarily.

Pitt Town Sports Club?


Spud and Blocker should have a cameo once a year and nothing else.

Their opinion and analysis on anything is either simple and regurgitated clichés and or totally stupid mind numbing rhetoric and wrong.

In very small doses they can be comical and a bit of nostalgia for the good old days. But to be seen and or heard every freakin day for opinion analysis and commentary during games is over the top ridiculous, annoying and has forced me to fast forward programs or even just switch off totally.

Fox has lost the plot in so many ways when it comes to their NRL coverage and this just highlights another one.


I lived in South Maroota for almost 3 years not long ago. My partner had 26 acres there. Beautiful. I only went to Pitt Town Sports club once. It was a freaking hole. Dead as a door nail...We usually went to Wiseman's Ferry Inn..

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