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3,2,1 against our Daddies.


3. McOrigin - Was unfortunate for him he had to play half for more than half the game but tackled everything. Didn't lose intensity on his hitups but wasn't going anywhere with them but kept coming
2. Ramien - don't care about one dropped ball. He did his usual amount of work
1. Tieg - for being the only forward to top 100 metres and because I really have nothing for the one point


3. Moi for deciding to go and watch the Mighty Emus instead of watching our game live.
2. For those that didn't tell me the scores as I watched the local game, but the snickering and laughing gave me a hint of what was install for me when I got to watch the replay.
3. The remote on my TV that had a fast forward allowing me to skip the last 45 minutes as I watched the replay later that evening.

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