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3-2-1 v Knights


Post Whore
3: Moses - goal-kicking aside, he controlled the game well, and orchestrated our attack beautifully. Also made some excellent tackles.

2: Dylan Brown - I thought he was excellent. Defended like a demon, and came up with that clutch try for Sivo. He has ice in his veins.

1: Shaun Lane - he was busy, and looked dangerous all game.

Honourable mentions to Nathan Brown (he disjointed our attack at times, but his energy, and leadership, kept us in it), Gutherson (inspirational from the skipper), and Manu Ma'u (what an absolute animal he is!).


3 Lane - Best game I have seen play
2 Mahoney - Crafty and some nice kicks
1 Nikuore - Best game I have seen play

Others played well but at levels I expect from them. Moses was great and could have 3 points everytime we win. But I loved what these 3 did.