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3-2-1 v Manly


3. Charnze. Yes, Meth, absolutely. He was everywhere.

2. Johnson - managed us back into it. Missed the winning play on this occasion, but would have if Tohu didn't knock on.

1. Barnett - big, effective presence. Attack and defence. We're a tough side with players like him out there.


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Barnett was close to points for me too. Our problems definitely weren’t in the middle and Barnett makes a big impact


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Didn’t think SJ was good tbh. Sensational individual try, but shanked that kick and didn’t really construct anything all night. We looked short of a leader in attacking zones


3 Barnett. He's such a workhorse, but with controlled aggression. I'd love to see his stats tonight.
2 Charnze. I have no fear with CNK at the back.
1 SJ for the try, and the penalty milk at the end.
HM: Harris ( of course), Montoya, DwZ.


3 - CNK - perfect game at the back
2 - Barnett
1 - TMM

HMs for AFB, DWZ, Montoya and Berry, also for SJ and Tohu who miss out on points for those crucial lapses.
DM - our control in the first period, it’s tempting to single out Ford but the issue is less with him individually than that the short ball onto a hard charging edge forward just isn’t a high % play in slippery conditions. Thankfully we seemed to adjust as the game went on.
it’s tempting to single out Ford but the issue is less with him individually than that the short ball onto a hard charging edge forward just isn’t a high % play in slippery conditions.
Agreed. I didn't like how they weren't respecting the ball in the conditions with the hard-charging edge running. We should have played up the middle with straight fast line speed. Manly were classy on defense.

03 - CNK (Wow he just keeps on giving)
02 - Barnett (Our new Alpha in the pack especially once AFB goes)
01 - Capewell (Did the dirty work and chase plays were efforts I appreciated)

HM: Berry and TMM.

Big Marn

3 CNK - depending on the website he ran from 330-360m on the game
2 AFB - think he played the whole of the first half.
1 Barnett

HM Tohu, SJ, DWZ


3 - CNK - Another mammoth game. Was everywhere, all the time
2 - Barnett - Brought some real physicality
1 - Egan - Nearly busted them open multiple times and was everywhere on defense


Montoya - thought he had a strong game
AFB - His usual running self, though also made nearly 50 tackles
TMM - I feel like we look better offensively with him in the 6
Harris - Another typical high-output on both sides of the ball game
DWZ - Can never fault his effort


Very lucky to come away with the one point. Will watch the game again over the next couple days but felt like it was a really weird opening 30. Got into the grind early and it seemed like we were stronger defensively if not particularly coherent in attack. Manly's first try was freakish, and I thought 'we'll be okay, we'll wear them down as long as we keep our defensive structures' but then it felt like they started opening us up at will. First 10 of the second half Manly again dominant, but we came home strongest despite running into the wind.

I see that Johnson was our top fantasy scorer with 82 points. While glad to see him taking the line on, and thought he had another great kicking game (apart from that one that went way dead), felt he was off in other aspects. Couple bad misses defensively, struggled to get the attack going.

Nrl.com says RTS ran for 200 metres. That feels inflated, tbh. Feels like he has 2+ errors in him a game at the moment. He'll get there. Must be hard playing 3 different positions in 3 weeks.

Poor Jazz. Looked like he was going to have a good game, too. Did enjoy how he apologized to the camera for last week on the walk back after scoring his try. Hope the injury isn't too bad, though it didn't look good.

Laban didn't look out of place again, though you could tell he hasn't played much in the middle.

Interesting to see CHT come on to spell Harris. Plenty of enthusiasm in his stint but pity he couldn't get his communication with Barnett right.

Ford's turn for Jazz hands this week. Not sure about those passes to him, though, in slippery conditions.

Thought Rocco was a bit quiet and while Capewell made a bunch of tackles he fell off a few, too.

Also, kept seeing Capewell and Ford defending next to each other on Ford's side of the field. Not sure whether that was intentional or not but it didn't look right

Looks like we'll be seeing Maiu'u make his debut next week...

Edited to add: DCE had a great game again. Feels like he always lifts against SJ