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94: The Movie Game

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First Grade
New Game New Game.

This one is called the movie game. Some of you may know it and some of may not, but someone has told me this game and i think its brilliant. It is quite similar to the name change game but an extra step has been added.

The rules of the game
* Must be movie actor movie actor. Should you post at the same time someone else posts then the first answer will remain and you will need to edit your post
* Actor or movie can not be repeated in a round
* A new round starts when we get cant get any further

Say for instance we start with Tom Cruise.
next post would have to be a movie that the above actor has been in, so it would be Vanilla Sky
The post after that would be an actor in that movie, but cannot be Tom Cruise again so it will be Penelope Cruz.
Next post would be the movie that she has starred in but cant be Vanilla Sky.

Get it???

Edit: You cant name both actor and movie in one post. (That goes for you Pistol. Thats cheating)


Post Whore
This is good Kate,,very good but what is the firsy actors name or have I missed something?
OK I sse u have posted
Not open for further replies.