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Adam Clune


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The 1950’s called.

They want their halfback back.

nothing to do with his play. That’s top quality.

Guy just looks like he’s been transported from a bygone time.


I just hope your words are not prophetic. I watched MBye two weeks ago when the Tigers season was on the line and was very underwhelmed by his efforts. Hope time proves me wrong.

Mbye is an out an out average signing. Maybe in a very good team he'd be a fair backup but we are a team just like Tigers who will just get him to fill in and do very little.

Like Norman I keep watching Moses, waiting for him to show what he's got and its not great. It's 'meh' at best. He himself has marked himself as a utility and nothing more. What purpose does he really serve when it's our juniors that deserve our full attention in the halves and at the back? Probably just for experience with Norman going out. McCulloch needs a younger more dynamic understudy, not Mbye. Poor signing.... but happy to eat humble pie on this one.
I really liked Clune as a player. He took on the defensive line, his passing game was good and he seemed to read the game well. In 2020 he played 15 games at half and we won 7 whereas we won 0 from 6 with Hunt at half. Obviously those numbers didn't impress Hook or anyone else in the brains trust.
Best of luck, Cluney - I hope you nail a regular first grade spot in Newy and have success - but I'll be baying for your blood when you play against the Red V.


Just watched the interview with Adam Clune on the Dragons website. Wonderful that he was able to secure a contract elsewhere and probably earn some decent cash. More importantly he showed his passion for the Red V. Wish we had a few more like him. Best of luck with your future career young man, you will be missed.

Makes Hook's decision to play Norman 24 rounds in a row even more absurd. Clune cared about the jersey. Norman didn't in the slightest.

Ah well. Clune will do a good job for Newcastle whereas Norman will be lining up outside Centrelink in 6 months.


Anyone else see his interview on dragons TV? Bloke has so much passion for the team! How he got overlooked for that other imposter is beyond me.

The two imposters, your forgot to mention that he was also a casualty of the peanut as well. Good bloke, wrong place wrong time. Walk out with your head held high knowing that in the eyes of those who matter (the fans) you will always be remembered well. Good luck I hope you kill it there with you and Kurt Mann in the halves.

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