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*AEW Chat*

Big Pete

Mate I watched some of this… only like the 2nd time I’ve seen AEW…

I was straight tripping to see an actual kiwi doing wrestling… 😂😂

never heard of the bloke in my life but he looked pretty bloody good… although that ending looked botched… 😂😂

I don’t think I’ve seen a kiwi in wrestling since the bushwhackers…. 😂😂
That's awesome, Jay White is one of the best wrestler's in the world and if you get the opportunity you should check him out on NJPW PPV.

He's come a long way. I remember watching him in ROH about six years ago and they treated him like a nobody. Even then his fundamentals looked good and while it took time he's really developed his personality and is one of the best heels in the business.

He hasn't really had an opportunity in the US but he's been killing it in NJPW the past five years or so.

They also have another Kiwi in Toa Henare and a Tongan in Bad Luck Fale who attended De La Salle College. They're not as talented as White, in fact Fale is your typical hoss wrestler but New Zealand really is well represented in NJPW.

Toni Storm who challenged for the women's championship was also born in Auckland but like a typical Queenslander represents the Gold Coast.


I don’t know a lot about AEW or the backstage stuff… I wouldn’t be able to tell you who the young bucks, omega, hangman page & colt cabana are if they all stood infront of me…

but i do see the odd clip here and there… and the MJF stuff always catches my eye… I’ve never even see the dude wrestle but the dude is blurring the f**k out of the lines… almost like Scott Hall and Kevin Nash did in the early days of the NWO.

i do though get some heavy back end of WCW vibes with AEW in that the lunatics seem to be running the asylum and these jokers may be out of business in a year or two…

that’s my admittedly outside impression of it all…


Young Bucks to wwe rumours

hope theres nothing in the rumours can’t stand them or take take them as a serious team

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