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Alex Glenn

Big Pete

It's always a sad day to see such an honorable club man call time but 280 career games is nothing to sneeze at. I remember first hearing about him playing for Burleigh as a young centre. There was just something about the way he moved that made him stand out and he was definitely a player of the future.

Then he captained the NYC team, a team Brisbane notoriously didn't throw a lot of support behind. It was basically just Lexi, a couple of colts players Hook signed up and a bunch of 18 year olds. Despite that they made it all the way to the Grand Final and were unlucky in defeat going down to the minor premiers in a memorable grand final.

After that he was one of the players Henjak blooded the following year and he made an instant impact with his neon yellow boots. It's a game FoxSports often replays but it was memorable night with Antonio Winterstein, Jharal Yow Yeh, Israel Folau all making their club debuts and Andrew McCullough getting a proper stint.

I have to agree with @some11's post over on the other site that Glenn peaked in 2012. He formed a really good combination with Corey Norman that year and Brisbane were the best exponents of using their second row forwards that year.

In fairness to Glenn, it seemed like whenever he was asked to lift his game he invariably did. I remember there was a period where Bennett benched him in 2016 and he was among the Broncos Top 3 each week from that point on.

Even in 2019 it appeared the Broncos were going to go in a different direction until Glenn stepped his game up and helped get them into the finals. That surge in form ultimately gave him the captaincy which unfortunately proved something of a poisoned chalice.

I've felt for Glenn these past couple of years. He suffered a hamstring during the Cowboys trial which ruled him out for the opening two rounds. He returns after the resumption only to suffer a nasty cut right before half-time in the Eels game. He returns after a heart-breaking loss against Manly and the morale in the team is absolutely shot. When they finally do get a win, he doesn't get a chance to really celebrate because he suffered a bad knee injury thanks to a cheap shot from one of the Bulldogs forwards. He eventually returns in Round 18 which by that point the coach is gone and half the team is injured/suspended. It was an absolute nightmare that unfortunately has seeped into 2021.

Hopefully the boys can get up for these past three games and send Lexi out the right way. After a slow start, I think Lexi has been playing well these past few weeks so hopefully that continues on the run home.


Although in his early days he had speed and potential, I thought he played best when he was coming off the bench around 2015, 2016 and playing in the middle. He looked like he was bigger as well and I assumed he was going to take over when Parker retired, but alas for some reason that did not go ahead.

Unfortunately I think he has been quite average the last few seasons and his captaincy is a reflection of how far the Broncos have fallen from the glory days. One thing that irked me the last few years besides his lack of involvement is his lack of impact. He runs great lines for his halves but he can never bust through the line - probably a sign of age more than anything.

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