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All quiet on the Western (Clydesdales) front

The Partisan

For a club / region that has been pushing for years to get back into the QRL top tier they seem eerily quiet on their looming return.

Know they have announced 11 players thus far but hardly anyone there to give their supporters hope for 2023.

I really do hope it doesn't just become a fly in fly out venture for Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs rising stars or NRL rejects. Locals won't warm to that.

Need players who base themselves in Toowoomba and have a genuine interest in representing the area.

I do fear that they will cop a fair few hidings of 50+ points.


Sadly, I think the days of a "local" feel team in the Queensland Cup are passing. Even a really tribal club like Wynnum has over the past few years verged on being a transit lounge for players on their way to the NRL or journeymen playing there for a couple of years and then moving on. Wynnum have lost most of the few stalwart players that they had with the retirements of Scarlett, Rockley, Elliott and Love-Henry. Anyone who has played at Wynnum for two years will look like a veteran in the 2023 team.
The only way the Queensland Cup can survive is if the ARLC introduces a $5m salary cap. The $5m each NRL club will be getting on top of the $11.3m salary cap is a waste of resources. It would be better to spend it on the players in the Queensland Cup so we can increase the talent pool and provide more high quality football for regions that don't have an NRL club.


First Grade
A true Qld Cup without NRL players 18-36 only needs $500k grant from the QRL and a $1 mil salary cap plus travel allowance