Amid rumours of Machu Picchu leaving for Australia...

Discussion in 'FFB Fantasy League' started by HappyBadger, Apr 9, 2016.

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    ...yeah, for whatever reasons, Antipodean rugby leaguers seem to gravitate toward Australia and New Zealand, a minority choosing South Africa, Papua New Guinea, and McMurdo Station...

    ...which leaves a huge market (potentially over 400 million people in South America) where, if the Llamas' departure comes to pass, only one side will remain...

    ...which is too bad, as there are international rugby league sides in Argentina and Brazil, and the league culture can grow far more there than in Australia (I mean, what conurbation around the Sydney metropolitan area doesn't have an NRL side?)

    Plus, there's a historical rivalry between Brazil and Argentina that transcends sport, and infiltrates life at almost every level, said rivalry being easily on an Aussie/Kiwi level...

    ...but the AAPP - the athletic association that is the umbrella organization for the football and the rugby league sides in Campinas, Sao Paulo state - is committed to developing and growing rugby league in South America, even if it has to accept the burden of having all the South American income for itself...

    ...and fans in Brazil are crazy for this demo commercial spot from the American ad agency Morsekode shows (the music will be used, with one lyric change, but the agency has to get some b-roll footage)...

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    Mt. Disappointment RLFC the most hated team in South America?

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