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Discussion in 'FFB Fantasy League' started by HappyBadger, May 3, 2016.

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    Fans in Brasil, already pissed off about the political situation there, some hating the current president, Dilma, and some hating her opponents, and some hating everybody in Brasilia...

    ...stopped fighting each other, and joined forces to take over the Australian Embassy in Canberra today... appears that Brasil is united in its disgust with the Aussie-centric scheduling computer that came up with the FFBRL schedule, keeping the defending Major Premiers, their beloved Ponte Preta Billy Goats, away from Stadium Moises Lucarelli until Round Three... took the timely release of an advert promoting the Ponte Preta manager, Happy Badger, to calm the raucous Brasilians down...the ad agency, Morsekode, borrowed heavily from the vamp of a 1970's television programme, combining it with the scenery of Campinas, and somehow made Happy Badger look, well, cool...

    ...which will come in handy, as Nine relented, and agreed to make the opening game of their broadcast season, Friday night, the Mu'a / Ponte Preta rematch of the Grand Final...

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    Brazilians will riot over anything. Bloody savages :sarcasm:

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