And now, the top seven...where will the pieces fall?

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    Here's what we know for certain about the seven playoff clinched sides right now:

    1) None can finish eighth - the losses by Perth and Raymond Terrace, and the battle royale win at 1300Smiles by Ponte Preta, clinched this.

    2) Only New England Celtic, Brisbane Bulls, and Shenzen Sharkitohs can win the Minor Premiership or the runner up (unless both Brisbane and Shenzen lose both games, and Mua Saints win both of theirs AND gain 154 differential points on Brisbane).

    3) Without a massive similar miracle involving collapses of Grapes of Nanking OR Sydney Vipers, Ponte Preta Billy Goats won't have any chance to move up to sixth (although their points differential is already superior to Grapes of Nanking, and only 43 points adrift of Vipers, so slightly less of a miracle may be required). If both Nanking and Sydney collapse, Billy Goats could take fifth - and if you bet on that halfway through the season, don't spend your million$ all in one place!

    So, here's what is at stake, side by side:

    New England: Magic number to clinch the Minor Prem is two points, and they have Ipswich Reds at home, and a trip to Ponte Preta to close the regular season.

    Brisbane, Shenzen: Both top four certified, and one will likely finish third, the other second. Brisbane will have the tougher run in as far as opponents (Mua Saints and Grapes of Nanking), but both will be at home. Shenzen have Quahog Quagmires at home, and a trip to Sydney Vipers.

    Mua: The trip to Brisbane will determine what chance they have of a top two slot, but they will have to defeat Raymond Terrace at home, too...and that might be a trap game. But, Grapes of Nanking and Sydney Vipers are in range to knock the Saints out of the top four...

    Grapes of Nanking: Home to Roma, away to Brisbane, two points behind Saints, and point differential doesn't favour the Chinese side. The Brisbane game won't be an easy one, not with Celtic in Brasil...

    Sydney: Vipers will have a trip to South America, Machu Picchu, and a game against Shenzen at home...the last round, they will be looking at the scores from Mua, Nanking, AND...

    Ponte Preta: Long odds to move up to sixth, Raymond Terrace away a possible trap game, and New England at home, not certain whether both will have locked in their positions by next weekend...if so, expect lots of resting physio for both sides. However, if you had been asked when Happy Badger took over the ex-Scoregasms, whether they would be in the possible position of making sixth, chances are, you would have said "No", and that just goes to show the weirdness that is mass psychology, in a rugby setting...

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