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Api Korisau


First Grade
Apparently there are a couple of Dragon players - have no idea whom nor in what grade - that need to get vaccinated also .That was in an article I read a couple of weeks ago .
I read a similar article about a month ago Gareth which said there were about a dozen players unvaccinated & some clubs were named & we were on the list.
Who or how many, I don’t know.


Ok cut the bullshit covid talk out this is a footy forum. Considering tigers sign api (which is so f**king stupid when they have liddle and spimpkin) do you think we should try and poach Simpkin? Really good young hooker and already has NRL experience
Would be good if we could. What’s his current contract at the Tigers?


Assistant Moderator
Report the posts folks. Spreading misinformation can have repercussions for web hosts and I'm sure it won't be risked keeping it up :)
Thank you. Reporting a post is the correct procedure. You can note the result, the member in question has prior history.

To those who quoted it, your posts are gone too.

Simple rules:
Quoting and complaining = doesn't work.
Reporting = works great.