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ASRL SEASON START!! (Coaches wanted!)


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ASRL is an simulation rugby league competition game that has been running for over 22 years. It is a game where you can coach your own rugby league fantasy team made up of real players that you can draft, bid on in auctions as well as trade with other teams from the NRL / ESL competitions. You could possibly have Nathan Cleary and James Tedesco on the same team!

All you need to do is email a team lineup and tactics ( a huge variety of tactics to choose from) once a week. That is it! Minimal impact on your time for lots of enjoyment.

The ASRL is in the process of preparing for the upcoming season. At present, we have five coaches ready to coach for the following season. The ASRL has been running under a ten team competition for the last few seasons. IF we get more than ten applicants, the competition will definitely be expanded.

We are going through a rebuild with the purpose of evening our competition. At present, every team has only five elite players. We will be going through

*a four round draft process with NEW OR RETURNING coaches having first choice on what place they would like to occupy in the draft. So, if you join ASAP, you will have a preferred choice in your order in the upcoming player draft!

*A bidding auction will happen for players after the draft to round off peoples squads.

*After all the dealing, the action of the season will start!!!!

Here are our free teams! Could you coach these players to glory?

Melbourne Fury
*Mitchell Moses
*Brandon Smith
*Haumole Olakau'atu
*Payne Haas
*Issac Yeo

Canberra Cannons
*Kotoni Staggs
*Harry Grant
*Josh Addo-Carr
*Clinton Gutherson
*Jake Connor

Darwin Dragons
*Nathan Cleary
*Jahrome Hughes
*David Fafita
*Tom Trbojevic
*Josh Papalli

Perth Panthers
*James Fisher-Harris
*Junior Paulo
*Daniel Tupou
*Jack Wighton
*Tom Deardon

Brisbane Raiders
*Nicho Hynes
*Pat Carrigan
*Kalyn Ponga
*Tino Fa'auamaleaui
*Hamiso Tabuai-Fidow

If you have any questions, visit the site or post here. Hope you can join the fun :)


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