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Trent Barrett must be wondering how he can fugg this up.
Sit back let Gus hire and fire blokes at a whim.
Trent might be next
Yeah had no real pressure on him last year and claimed the spoon with ease. Stakes have been upped in ‘22 and even more in ‘23. We will find out if Baz can actually coach.

Tiger Shark

He signed the 3 year deal
Good news, not many hookers out there better that are available and want to be part of future success like he would

Expecting a massive improvement similar to Kennedy had this year now he’s got help in the middle and likely won’t need to play 80 all the time
I really hope the flair that was with him in the lower grades gets to shine now.
The kid has been worked into the ground for the last two seasons and it was starting to show in his play.
If he comes of age this year, and Will keeps progressing, I'm gunna get a little bit more than excited, especially with Nicho.
This is a young spine that has shitoads of potential, if it all clicks..... I dunno man, I gotta stop dreamin

Special K

Jayden was just a tackler until his third season. Blayke has showed more than Jayden ever did.

I am firmly team Blayke. Remember the storm wanted him to replace Smith and they had Cheese and Grant on their books at the time. Last time he was off contract I think he had 12 clubs chasing him. Crazy.


I’m just saying I don’t think it’s a silly deal on behalf of the sharks. He’d have to heavily disappoint me for 625 in 2026 to make me feel like it was a shit deal.


I think that's probably overs but given the caps going up could prove to be a worthwhile investment.
Time to make him vice captain, media coaching, he is still TV pretty.

40/20s and f**king engage the markers.

Props, belt the blokes running at him.
Reckon we’ll see a B2 mark2 this season. Whole dynamic of the team changes with the new boys and f**king off the dead wood.
I like the way they’re staggering the contracts too…. Tricky and WK 2 years… Toby and Nicho 3 years. McInnes and Brails 4 years (and Finnucane although you’d think he’d be cooked)


First Grade
Is B2 performing to the level of a $625k player? No. Could he play to that level? Yes.

Will he play to that level? The conditions are in place for him to reach his potential. Middle defence has been addressed through recruitment of players and the coach. Coach will demand middles defend and B2 will be part of it. His attacking game needs to lift. My sense is this largely a function of confidence. Once he believes he can dominate at this level then he probably will.

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