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Bay 119-2


Where did everyone get seats in this bay? Just want to see how populated this bad boy will get throughout the week. Hopefully it is all Dragon Army..

Hopefully all seats are taken and we can get the big jersey happening.

My bunch is with Macca's bundles in 42, 43, 44..

The Major

Ive got aisle seats on two rows (33 & 34) with 5 seats on each row which are the second and third rows from the front. Perfect so i can set up the big jersey. Im trying to arrange to get the big logo also. I was gonna bring the old school big diamond flags etc but still not sure as its a pain to find people to help pack them up and wave them as well. Any takers?? Ive got the three giant ones plus my old blood and bandages one and a big striped one also. So 5 huge flags in total.


BAY 119-2

Row 32
- cleary89
- Firestarter (multiple seats)

Row 33
- GST (17 seats)
- The Major (5 seats)
- Godz Illa (2 seats)

Row 34
hornbyslilhottie24 (8 seats)
- Nitro (1 seat in HLH's bunch)
- The Major (5 seats)
- DragonPunk (2 seats in The Major's bunch)

Row 35

Row 36
- doug2234 (4 seats)

Row 37

Row 38

Row 39
- saintschik82 (6 seats)

Row 40

Row 41

Row 42
GasPanic (8 seats)
- Macca (15 seats)
- St. Linnane (2 seats in Macca's bundle)

Row 43
- Macca (6 seats)
- boxa777 (10 seats)

Row 44
- Macca (16 seats)

Row 45

Row 46

Row 47

Row 48

Row 49

Row 50

Row 51

- Steel Dragon (3 seats)

Unspecified Row
- blackberryman (2 seats)
- AML (10 seats)
- Cooper-Man + OurRedV (24 extra seats)
- Wendoll (6 seats)
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We are across the aisle in 118-2
Row 35 and 36 seats 38-43 (12 seats in total)

Was told by ticketek that 119-2 practically sold out


First Grade
ok here is the exact numbers Macca has, which includes boxa as he said:

Row 42 - 15 seats
Row 43 - 16 seats
Row 44 - 16 seats


I'm sure we can swap around if we want, it doesnt really matter and besides, we'll all be standing up anyway

Swapping only works if the exact number of people are willing to move. If 4 people have purchased tickets together, and 2 people move into their seats (leaving 2 spare), but only can offer 2 in their original spot it doesn't work.

People go out of their way to organise tickets with the people they want to sit with, only to be shifted by someone who couldn't organise it - hardly fair.