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Benji Retires


A legend of the game. He helped grow the game so much internationally and made kids get out and be active again. I can speak from experience - when I was growing up EVERY SINGLE KID wanted to be Benji.

This game will sorely miss you mate.

Old Timer

Benji is a great example of what making the most out of your natural gifts is all about.

He is also testimony to the fact that being one of the greatest ever doesn’t give you any special entitlements in respect of the rules or your behaviour.

No black marks in a stellar career if only some of the others (lauded and protected by the press) would seek to emulate that.

I would happily take the 8th Immortal jumper back and make Benji an honorary member.

Look forward to seeing where to from here for Benji and hopefully some of the moronic commentators make way for him.

Dragon David

On the field you were a champion. Off the field you are a gentleman.

Congratulations on your fantastic career and have a happy and fulfilling retirement Benji. Thanks for sharing the 3 years with the Dragons.

Enjoy your time with your lovely family and give your balanced opinions when you start your full-time media work.


First Grade
Benji and Sterlo. Gentlemen of the game! I'm sure there is a career in the media for Benji about to bloom!

Thanks Benji for all the entertainment you've provided.

I do hope so Drakon . Have had a stomach full of some of the riff-raff that 9 has at present .

Benji would be like a breath of fresh air - someone who actually knew what he was talking about without club loyalties getting in the way .

Jersey No 14

I saw him v Cowboys down at the gong.
He bludged the entire game to the point the people I was with wanted to collectively string him up.
We did not get value him him at all, especially went he went a lot better at other clubs
I positive - He did alright for a weed of a size (in his young days) in a big man's sport.
Some Red V wearing players could do a lot better by seeing what Benji did across the length of his career

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