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Best sportsman to ever walk the Earth?

the reason why Slater isn't even top 50 is because very few people surf or care about surfing and those that do are usually drug addict slackers. Being the best surfer in the world is little more than impressive.
Are you the goose that thinks that NASCAR is a sport? Driving around in circles is such riveting stuff.

Surfing is about man versus nature. NASCAR is about Seppos having a circle jerk to whorespower.


First Grade
I'd say Usain Bolt or Eliud Kipchoge.

Close to every person on the planet who can has run one hundred metres or participated in a school distance run.

Bolt is the quickest of all time and Kipchoge can run 42km in less than two hours.

No participation barrier to their sports and they are the best to ever do it.

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