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Brain teaser


First Grade
Thought I'd throw out a little challenge for anyone who likes this sort of thing...

Up to now there have been 220 Warriors first-grade players. Within that list of 220 players are a number of surnames that appear more than once.

Your challenge is to work out, from memory, how many surnames have been shared by 2 or more Warriors players.

I'll post the answer back here in a few days. You can post your guesses in here if you want but don't list any names to give free help to anyone trying to figure it out.

Good luck!


First Grade
OK here we go...

Vinnie Anderson (2002-2004) & Louie Anderson (2004-2007)
Dean Bell (1995), Jason Bell (2000) & James Bell (2017)
Sione Lousi (2010-2016) & Sam Lousi (2012-2014)
Willie Poching (1995) & Mataupu Poching (2010)
Sam Rapira (2006-2015) & Steve Rapira (2011-2013)
Tea Ropati (1995-1998), Iva Ropati (1996-1997) & Jerome Ropati (2003-2014)
Jerry Seuseu (1997-2004) & Anthony Seuseu (2001)
Tyran Smith (1998) & Jonathan Smith (2000-2001)
Se'e Solomona (1995) & Malo Solomona (2008)
Anthony Swann (1996-1998) & Logan Swann (1997-2008)
Manoa Thompson (1995) & Bodene Thompson (2015-2017)
Tony Tuimavave (1995-2000), Evarn Tuimavave (2002-2009) & Carlos Tuimavave (2012-2014)
Joe Vagana (1995-2000) & Nigel Vagana (1996-2000)

That's 13 shared surnames by my count. Bloody well done Fufu!

Non Terminator also wins if you count Zane Clarke (1998) and Erin Clark (2017) with their different spellings.
That was a good one LN. I was intrigued as to how other clubs would be similar. With four years less, St George Illawarra has acquired thirteen of these:

Cooper, Ellis, Green, Howell, Hunt, Millard, Morris, Patten, Sims, Smith, Stanley, Thompson, Williams


It was quite amazing that since 1995 The Warriors have not had another Jones player. Scott (?)got close and of course there was another guy who played 7.