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Bucket Lists


1 Kiss passionately in the pouring rain
4 ? Give a speech at a good friend?s wedding
12 ? Have a beer with one of my heroes
21 ? Volunteer and really make a difference
28 ? Serenade somebody [very badly, I must admit]
33 ? Go crazy at a decadent beach party or boat party
48? See a ping pong show in Thailand
58 ? Ride in a hot air balloon
63 ? Go skinny dipping
65 ? Be in a movie or on TV
82 ? Go white water rafting
117 ? Score the winning point(s) in a game
119 ? Win money gambling in a casino
121 ? Brew my own beer
127 ? Spend a weekend on a country estate
130 ? Have a child
133 ? See a chart topping band in concert
135 ? Sleep with somebody way out of my league [I do every night]
144 ? Have a bar or cafe that my friends and I are regulars at
169 ? Get a lap dance in a strip club
173 ? Paint somebody?s portrait [Drawing count?]
177 ? Organize and execute a romantic picnic
202 ? Get my driver?s license
228 ? Fire a gun
230 ? Couchsurf
249 ? Make use of the ?top sheet? in a hostel
260 ? See one of my teams win a grand final
277 ? Attend one of the ?big? football matches [AFL Western derby count?]
291 ? Ride a tandem bike
295 ? Give a speech as the best man

Good list Goldy. From it I've done....
1. Kiss passionately in the pouring rain..does kissing a camel count?
4. Give a speech at a good friend's wedding.
12. Have a beer with one of my heroes..Norm Provan.
58 Ride in a hot air balloon...did it in Canberra. I've done heaps of parachuting.
63 Go skinny dipping...and fathered my first son on that occasion. :)
65 Be in a movie or on TV...I featured in a "how to" channel 7 show. The ratings went through the roof ha ha.

There's a few more on your list I'd like to do though, like 133. See a chart topping band in concert. Ive seen a couple but noone special. I would have loved to have seen The Who, Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd when they were all together in their hey day. Unfortunately all the bands I love are either disbanded or dead.

At the top of my bucket list is to watch a MotoGp race live at one of the tracks.
The next MotoGp is on at Phillip Island and our very own Jack Miller is riding . Last year after just having a part of the Phillip Island course named after him he crashed out. Better luck this year.
Aussies have produced so many champions like Gardner, Doohan, Bayliss, Corser, Casey Stoner to name a few. I'd love to have a beer with these legends.
Has anyone been to Phillip Island, how does it work eg travelling, accommodation etc.?? Where's the best place to get on the sauce and mix with other "Nutz"