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    With only a few rounds left of our dismal 2017 season, what will turn things around in 2018?
    In my opinion, player retention and recruitment has been very poor under Des's reign and this trend looks to continue in 2018.

    2018 Gains:
    Fa'amanu Brown (Cronulla Sharks, 2019), Kieran Foran (New Zealand Warriors, 2020), Aaron Woods (Wests Tigers, 2021)

    2018 Losses:
    Sam Kasiano (Melbourne Storm), Josh Reynolds (Wests Tigers)

    Adam Elliott (2020), Danny Fualalo (2019), Kerrod Holland(2020), Will Hopoate (2020), Marcelo Montoya (2020), Reimis Smith(2019), Renouf To'omaga (2020), Aiden Tolman (2020)

    Off Contract 2017:
    Michael Doolan, Craig Garvey, Rod Griffin, Michael Lichaa, Tyrone Phillips, Andy Saunders, Chase Stanley

    Des has finally got the big name signings he was after in Foran and Woods, unfortunately it was at the expense of Josh Reynolds and others are likely to follow. Although Foran is not playing well at the Warriors he will bring structure and a kicking game to our attack. He will be the calming influence in attack we have been lacking ever since Hodkinson left.

    I feel the biggest weakness for next season are our playing style, backline and hooker.

    Playing Style:
    Des promised this year to reinvent our playing style. It did change...not for the better though. The forwards played less like half backs but the rest is still a mess. His implementation of short drop outs and kick offs reeks of a coach who is out of ideas.

    Backline: Our backline is slow and unable to create opportunities. BMoz is still solid but he is getting slower by the day. JMoz and Hoppa are defensively good but offer little else. Montoya and Brenko Lee look pretty decent.

    Hooker: Lichaa finally seems to be on the outta. He spent 3 games on the bench and is now out of the FG side altogether.
    Internally it looks like Mbye, Frawley, Cleeland, Garvey or Fa'amanu Brown will get the gig.

    Des has given us a few pretty good seasons but he has failed to move on from this outdated playing style. His player retention/recruitment has been poor and now these heavy back ended contracts are now adding salary cap pressure. I'd be happy to sack Des, pay him out and begin the rebuilding process under Jim Dymock. If any player has a "Des" clause then they can go too.
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    Until we get an answer at fullback (and I'd love to see Mbye tried at fullback), then nothing changes. Hoppa is just too slow to provide anything from the back, nor the ball skills to be anything like some of the more creative fullbacks going around.

    Lets say we have Mybe at fullback, then we can use Garvey (if resigned) or Woolford at hooker, then Foran and one of Frawley/ Cleeland to pair with him depending on how they would like to structure the team.

    It really comes down to get better in the halves and from fullback. That will make the rest of the backline look a lot better.
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    Back ended contracts look like they will come back to haunt Dessie just like manly after he moved on
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    Des has to go. Ray Dib must really be hoping that he doesn't have to face a rebel ticket come February.
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    Pay talking to Michael Chammas today has said Mbye will likely start at the back for next season.

    Thoughts on a lineup with the squad mostly settled now?

    1. Moses Mbye
    2. Brett Morris
    3. Josh Morris
    4. Will Hopoate
    5. Marcelo Montoya
    6. Kieran Foran
    7. Frawley/Brown/Cleeland ???
    8. Aaron Woods
    9. Michael Lichaa
    10. David Klemmer
    11. Josh Jackson
    12. Raymond Faitala-Mariner
    13. Adam Elliot

    14. Greg Eastwood
    15. Danny Fualalo ??
    16. Rhyse Martin
    17. Francis Tualau ??

    Our forward depth seems to have dried up a little?
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