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Discussion in 'Members Pavilion' started by JoeD, Feb 13, 2017.

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    Last season and a half I have gotten into playing cricket again, first time since high school (i'm 41). Playing social presidents grade (over 40s) Have been getting by on borrowing a bat or using a team bat. Now that I've been promoted to opening I've decided its time to buy my own. Question is - how much difference is there between a $150/$350/$550 bat. Is the rule buy the most expensive bat you can afford? (that obviously feels ok with the 1/2 dozen swings you give it in the shop)
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    Personally I think there is a world of difference between a $150 bat and a $300 bat, but not a massive difference between a $300 bat and a $500 bat. Obviously that's not a rule, individual brands will be different but for the bats I've bought (and admittedly I've only ever bought 3) I've found the mid range stuff is almost indistinguishable from the high end retail bats. I know that many other Slazenger users agree the Select range was the one to use, even though it was a step below the Pro....

    My rule is simply buy the bat that feels the best
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    This is pretty accurate. Plenty of good bats in the $200-$350 category. Anything more and you're probably wasting your money playing in an O40's comp.

    There was a thread on this not long ago with plenty of good advice. Just pickup as many bats as you can, see what feels best and then make sure you do plenty of knocking in, and you'll be good to go.

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