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News Coronavirus and NRL


First Grade
Can the Warriors continue to survive during these Covid years?

NRLW team has withdrawn already


should have been suspended for the rest of the season and fined all of his wages until grand final day. Guarantee the players wouldn’t ignore the rules after that.

you guys are soft

think about your own employment - you purposely break government regulations that allows your company to operate - your employer will sack you

these guys should have been sacked and deregistered for good as they put in jeopardy the game to still operate.

this is why the NRL will always be a shamble, they go hard for stupid things (ie Mitch Pearce and dog , carney and pissing in own mouth etc ) but the big things they don’t smash the players


First Grade
RTS gone. NZ travel bubble closing and Roger finishing up.

thanks for your service to RL.
RTS was gone when he relinquished the fullback role. Everyone commended it but I thought it signalled no intent to go hard at his last season given how early the call came. If NZ was outta contention for finals fair enough blood the kid.


Can the Warriors continue to survive during these Covid years?

NRLW team has withdrawn already
There's a good chance "everyone who wants immunization, will get immunization" by feb/mar 2022 (kickoff for next season) - the NZ Govt has a goal of the end of this year.

Once that's in place, theoretically nothing stopping a regular NRL season - trans Tasman travel and all.

Even if the target slips, it's relatively easy to schedule the first few rounds around it.