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Cowboys game.


First Grade
My biggest take from todays game will be whether Bud and Lussick can give quick service from dummy half opening up some creative attacking play. My feeling is Macca's service is slow allowing defenders to almost be on top of us as we receive a pass.
Assuming McGuire stays next year I’m not seeing a spot for Kerr unless he has a massive offseason. Prop rotation is Burgess, Molo, Lawrie & McGuire. Sims & Su’a playing 80m at second row plus de Belin playing 80m at Lock.

Burns is a handy bench player, he can cover backrow or centre if there’s an injury. That leaves Mbye or Sullivan to round out the 17.

Back up players Ford, Kerr, Faamausili & Alvaro.

Still a bit skinny for mine, I’d like us to pickup one more good forward.
Agree. We also need a backup 9 I think

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