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Cronulla covid crisis


First Grade
Didn’t know where else to post, but there’s an article in the telegraph about “Cronulla’s covid crisis..” can’t read it, anyone else know what the go is?

It is from Rothfield, so could be a beat up.


Here you go from Telegraph

Covid has ripped through the Cronulla Sharks with senior players Wade Graham, Dale Finucane and Cameron McInnes all testing positive.

So, too, have general manager of football Darren Mooney and club trainer Tony Grimaldi.

They suspect they caught the virus when in Coffs Harbour last weekend for round 15 clash against the Titans. Lucky for the Sharks in that it is rep round this week.

The players will all be available for next weekend’s round 16 match against Canterbury at CommBank Stadium.

It’s also fortunate that Siosifa Talakai and Nicho Hynes managed to avoid it and were cleared to be with the NSW Blues in Perth. Assistant coach Steve Price also had to be cleared to join the New Zealand team to help out Michael Maguire with the Kiwis against Tonga.


Hahaha fmd. I'm embaressed this bloke is a sharks supporter and even worse that he is in a role that can influence. What an absolute maggot he is

Big Bloke

Just out of curiosity though, won't those players who have tested positive not be available to train with the rest of the team? Could cause some disruptions possibly?

Or is that also a no issue?