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The Game Dally M Awards 2022

No I don't remember that narrative, nor do I care.

locky wrote about how it wasn't an easy draw at the start of the year, which wasn't relevant to anything in the post he responded to, or any of mine.

As valheru said, nobody is saying that the NRL deliberately gave you an easy draw, but the end result is that you had an easy draw.

Umm you won 4 games against top 8 sides. 4. The Dragons and Bulldogs won 3 games against top 8 sides. Dragons almost as good as the Sharks.
Well you know what, stiff shyte. The record books show whatever they do, and you seem to like to waste time on the subject.
Me myself, I don't think its worth the worry.'
Each to their own.


People pick and chose their agenda and it makes them look stupid.

Beginning of the season we had the Titans and Knights twice. And playing Cowboys would have been seen as an easy game .

A few years ago when we scraped into the 8 people were complaining that we didn't play many teams from last years top 8, this year they complain it's this years top 8.

Which is it? lol

Well.. they had Titans, Tigers, Knights twice lol.. thats 6 certain wins, some teams played them 3 only once.

2012....Sharks Year

First Grade
Meh... couldn't really be bothered with this easy draw b.s. I do know that we only played Parra...Souffs and the Cows once and beat them all.We played the Pennies once and were only beaten in the last 5 minutes. I think the thing that hurt us most was the fact we played our last 5 games against the lower teams and while we won them all we didn't get the tough games we needed leading into the semis while the other top sides were predominantly playing each other. I guess the proof in the pudding will be how we go next year.
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