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Daniel Anderson is a Quadriplegic

For those who are unaware, former Parramatta, Warriors and St Helens coach Daniel Anderson suffered severe spinal damage following a surfing accident some time back. He is now a quadriplegic as a result of the accident, which also lead to him having a cardiac arrest at the time too.

Full details in the following article - (source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/n...accident-bodysurfing-Central-Coast-beach.html) -

The legendary NRL coach who is now a quadriplegic after sickening accident while bodysurfing at a Central Coast beach: 'I was dragged from the water unresponsive'​

By James Cooney For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 10:23 AEST, 28 May 2023 | Updated: 10:30 AEST, 28 May 2023

Former NRL coach Daniel Anderson has spoken out for the first time after being involved in a freak bodysurfing accident that almost killed him.

The ex-New Zealand Warriors and Parramatta Eels boss was body surfing at Soldiers Beach near Norah Head while on a family vacation when out of nowhere disaster struck.

The 56-year-old was dumped on his head by a wave and suffered a catastrophic spinal injury.

He quickly went into a cardiac arrest and had to be dragged out of the surf semi-conscious.

The father of four was fortunate that a couple of off-duty paramedics happened to be on the beach that day - and quickly got him airlifted to the spinal unit at Royal North Shore hospital.

Anderson says he's lucky to be alive, and doesn't remember the accident at all.

'I was dragged from the water unresponsive and then went into cardiac arrest,' Anderson told News Corp.

'I'm very lucky the paramedics were there. I was obviously in a bad way. If they weren't there, who knows how it would have finished up.'

Later it was revealed that Anderson had severe compression of the spinal cord.

'I was classified as an incomplete quadriplegic,' Anderson said. 'Incomplete means that you can get little bits back, but some things you never can.

'No one can tell you categorically what, if any movement you get back. But after four days I was wiggling my big toe.

'Right now I need assistance with everything, brushing my teeth, feeding, bathing, having a coffee.

'I've got slight movement in my right hand. Just enough to softly shake hands.

'Three weeks ago I couldn't do that. It's progress.'

Anderson, who coached the Warriors and the Eels to NRL grand finals, says the first few weeks were really tough for him and his family.

'You can't equate this predicament to the pressures of coaching. But the mental strength you've got to have in tough times in football helps,' he said.

'This is much tougher. But you've got to grab hold of the situation. You've got to try to move forward and take one challenge at a time.'

Anderson is now training in the gym for two hours a day - trying to learn how to use his muscles again and do simple tasks.

His aim is to be back at home with his family in eight weeks.

Unbelievably, Anderson is still working for the Sydney Roosters as head of recruitment - putting in about 10 hours a week from the rehab centre.

'I'm still talking to the player agents and Robbo wants me back in the office,' he said.

'I love the job and they've been a wonderful support.'

Anderson is careful about not pushing himself too hard, though. He knows that some things take time.

'It's important I don't overdo it and keep focusing on my physical recovery,' he said.

'The Roosters are so good in that area, knowing I have to get myself healthier.

'I just know I've still got a bit of life left in me in rugby league.'

According to the Daily Terror, the NRL will be launching a fund raising initiative for Anderson on Monday.


The Roar's article has a little more detail on what happend -

Also he will be the subject on Face to Face on Fox on Monday 29 May 2023 on Fox League. He's being interviewed by Yvonne Sampson.
He’s showing a lot of character dealing with things the way he is. At least there’s some encouraging signs with him making some degree of progress, you’d very much doubt he’ll ever make anywhere near a full recovery and probably won’t walk again but I think there’s a reasonable chance he’ll be able to recover enough to regain some degree of independence.

Wheeled Warrior

All the best to recovering and the challenges that lay ahead Daniel.
Your contribution to RL past, present and hoping the future is all appreciated.

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