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Do you want Brad Arthur as coach

Do you want Brad Arthur as coach

  • Yes

    Votes: 102 51.5%
  • No

    Votes: 96 48.5%

  • Total voters



Gary Gutful


Lovely article. I don’t know if we’ll win tomorrow, but regardless, I’m not sure there’s anyone else that I’d rather see coach us to a premiership than BA.
Flanno with peptides coming out of our arse would be epic.


Will the club play it by ear and see how we go in 2023 or do they buckle and extend him?

Surely we wait and see?
He has 2 more years locked in.

No need for the club to do anything.

BA has 12 month grace period before his contract is talked about again.

Build off what we did this September our squad is a touch weaker but there is strong nucleus to finish top 6 at a minimum next year.

The one thing we have achieved this year is we can win a final with this core group under pressure and on the road.

We couldn't say that last year.


First Grade
Interesting quotes by Brian Smith (Is Pou Brian Smith?) in this article from a few days ago regarding the system set up by Matt Cameron (who used to be at Parramatta.

But as far as Smith is concerned, what Cameron has at Penrith is the same job with more experience, life lessons, geographical pull and far greater resources.

"You could easily stuff that up or not maximise it though," Smith said.

"What he has been able to do is adapt and embellish all the advantages that Penrith have.

"They are a very wealthy club.

"They have always good pretty contacts in western NSW.

Anyone know why Matt Cameron left Parramatta and how big a loss he was?


BA has earnt next year. Lets see how next year goes before anyone gets too excited about extensions please. Post World Cup and the deflation of last night plus our numerous departures will really test next season.
2018 followed the last World Cup and we know how that went.

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